August 5, 2008

Quick & Dirty

08 01 08_1925 

We took a quick and dirty...not to mention HOT trip down to Phoenix and back on Thursday and Friday.  Spence is trying to get ready to show Baby Bell in some Arizona shows in the fall.  So we dropped the punks off at Grandma's and hustled down.  I'm pretty sure Spence only took me so that I could drive and he could sleep.

I was not expecting to have a great time since the WHOLE trip focused on Spence :P, but I really did enjoy myself.  Lots of riding (not on my part though), dinner with the gang,  Ben & Jerry's ice cream (Double Fudge Brownie and Mint Cookies and Cream), shopping at Sheplers, and back home again.  Thanks so much to Mike and Roper for letting us crash at their place.

08 01 08_1927


Mike cutting on Cee Cee. He just won the paint world championship. (Not on Cee Cee though)





08 01 08_1922


Snoopy.  Ryan and Stormy's dog.  It's a girl.  Just ask Roper.



08 01 08_1924


08 01 08_1940

I didn't get any action shots of Spence for which he was truly unappreciative.  I'll try to do better next time, but I was still snoozing at 6am when he was riding. I thought the McDowell mountains looked pretty in the background.

 08 01 08_1946

Ryan Else. You should see their place...Stormy is a girl after my own heart.  She can design on a dime with the best of them.

08 01 08_1950

This is my buddy Daniel.  He is my fellow rural Arizonan. (He's lived in Snowflake the past 13 years)He claims that he can cut-a--rug and hold his own in any part of the state.  We sat around and complained about how hot it was.  The only reprieve was that enormous swamp cooler in the corner of the picture. 


PS Roper and still owe me photos!

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JC & Jen Young said...

How fun...even if it is just a quick trip over night it is always the BEST to just do something alone without the kids and be able to go eat and get cleaned up in the morning with out little ones right there...I have to say I am jelous :)