August 21, 2008

Queensland Heeler/Border Collie Mix Puppies for Sale $50

Do you know anyone who wants a heeler/border collie pup or a heeler/rottweiler pup?  They've all had their dew claws removed and the rotts have their tails docked.  We'll give them all their first set of shots next week.  They will be 6 weeks old on Friday and will be getting close to ready to go.  We're going to put up a flyer at the feed store soon so I'm just giving the bloggers a first chance.  :)  We're in love with them all & think they'll make great pets or working dogs.  The border collies come from a dad who was a show trial dog. Their mom is a great watch-dog who works cattle too.  She's good with kids and doesn't nip at people like some heelers (ok, like OUR other heelers...not related :).  We don't know anything about the rottweiler dad, but the pups have great dispositions; they love people and are very subdued. They might make great indoor dogs.  All of the pups respond well to people and love to cuddle.  Email Spence if you want more info at  

08 20 08_2196_edited-1

08 19 08_2138


08 19 08_2141

08 20 08_2222

Little Girl (above)

08 19 08_2139

Buddy (above)

08 20 08_2208 

Little Badger/Howler Monkey (above and below left)

08 20 08_2210_edited-1

Sister (above right)

08 20 08_2202_edited-1


Brother (left and below)

08 20 08_2217

08 20 08_2214

Little girl, Buddy, and Big boy (clockwise from top left)

08 20 08_2223


08 20 08_2218 Big Boy (above)


Caralee said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Terrific website....I googled you based on dog breed mix of border & queensland. Our local vet and friend has 3 orphans same breed mix and we either want to adopt one as brother to our Hurricane Rita border mix or at least help place them.

Your puppies are beautiful - congratulations on capturing the beauty of your life online.

We're in Dayton, Nevada....nursing a new restaurant in tough times, so thanks for the smiles.

jackie & alan (jackie) (alan)

Anonymous said...

Once worked for Eddys management company and spent some time with him and we have a border queenland mix, white more predomant, but every bit as special.

Anonymous said...

Found your website while trying to see if I could find a Queensland pup that looks like mine. Sister is what my pup looks like. The animal shelter said she was Rottweiller/Queensland and I think they were right. These are the best dogs!!!! Anyone getting one of yours will be so happy. These dogs will listen better than your own children. Love your website!!!!

Angel David Carnes said...

I also found your site googling heeler/ border collie mix puppies, as we adopted one two weeks ago. Well, we think that's what she is-- she looks very much like your puppy pictures. Do you have any photos of what the pups look like now?

Thanks! Beautiful site.
Angel in Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

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alokseow said...

Too cute Puppies,they would be a great choice.Nowadays dogs are best friend of human, they makes us happy and safe.

CLAMS said...

we just got a puppy today. and she looks just like the puppies in your pictures. I google "queensland heeler mix" and it led me to your blog!!
so now, we "know" what sort of "mix" she probably is. we named her Pepper, because she looks a little like some one sprinkled her with salt and pepper.

hunter said...

Hello My name is hunter ray and i would like to purchase sister from yall send my gf a pic of sister and tell her to get with me and discuss it bc i want to get it for our 6 month anniversary.

Anonymous said...