February 23, 2011

Beach Bums

We went to the beach twice while we were in Newport.  It is a steep little walk (especially with Chase) down to the beach, but it is well worth it.  The first time Mike, Maren, and Mike’s sister Susie helped us check out the tidal pools.  There were lots of cool creatures…including GIANT starfish.  Chase’s favorites were the hermit crabs.  We should have brought one home; I had one as a pet as a kid.  Since we’ve been home, I’ve been telling Chase that if he’ll start using the toilet (we are desperate to get him potty trained), I’ll get him one.  But of course it hasn’t worked.  We’ve tried taking away the TV.  Chase loves TV, but if it comes down to getting potty trained or watching TV, he'll give up the TV any day.  Lately, Spence has been telling him he won’t have to go to school if he’ll just go in the toilet once…still no success.  Yes…only Spence would tell Chase he can skip school if he uses the potty.  I wonder what they would think at school if they knew??  We’ve got to get a new plan since apparently Chase is immune to bribery.

Uncle Mike made sure Chase was able to have a wonderful time at the tidal pools.

02 05 11_0986

Hayes has a wonderful time everywhere he goes :)

02 05 11_0983

Susie helping Chase squish water out of anemones

02 05 11_0994

Lucy was a little bit afraid of the crabs but bravely held one

02 05 11_1002

It was a little too rocky and dangerous to get Chase out to the starfish, so Mike brought one to him…..shhhhh…you’re not supposed to move them. Thanks Mike.

02 05 11_0976_edited-1

They are rock hard on the top and made of squishy suction cups on the underside.  Susie and Mike swear you can attach them to a hairy chest.

02 05 11_0977

The California crew. Hayes had sand in his nose.

02 05 11_1009_edited-1

Mike and Hayes participating in Man Games.

02 05 11_1006

The sand on the other side was not forgiving to Hayes’s ankles.

02 05 11_1007

February 21, 2011

The Disneyland Face

Look at Chase’s face in these pictures and tell me if you think he liked Disneyland or not:

Sitting in Mickey Mouse’s chair

02 10 11_0719

Lovin on Donald

02 10 11_0702

This looks like he’s sitting my an enormous ash tray…I think it’s in California Adventure.

02 07 11_0834

Snagged by Pluto

02 07 11_0882

After the Buzz Lightyear ride…which he loved!

02 07 11_0898_edited-1

02 07 11_0900_edited-1

First day before we ever entered the park….just the anticipation is making him grin ear to ear

02 06 11_0901

Driving Mickey’s car…what a joy!

02 10 11_0720

Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth for one little boy

Must Love Dogs

So I never saw the movie, but it definitely applies to Ree.  Her newest thing is to stand at the screen door and watch and wave to the dogs.  She also waves at the chickens in the backyard whenever I hold her up to the kitchen window.  Another animal lover on my hands.  I’m doomed to a life of chicken poop, dogs on the porch, and cats on the roof.  (If the owls will stay away)

She reminds me of those old “open, open, open” Mervyns' commercials.

02 17 11_1157
She can barely see out of the door

02 17 11_1150

The dogs are happy with any attention and are possibly hoping she’s old enough to throw out food.

02 17 11_1160

02 17 11_1155

02 17 11_1173

02 17 11_1175

I better clean that ledge if she’s going to put her nose on it.  She might sniff up a bug or two.

02 17 11_1179

02 17 11_1190

Same time, same place tomorrow dogs.  Be there or be square.

02 17 11_1191

February 18, 2011

It is so on!

I could hear Chase squealing with delight in the other room as I hurried to put some makeup on.  Then I heard him coming towards my room saying “mom, mom, mom,”  with what sounded like pure enjoyment in his voice.  I got the feeling that he was trying to tell me to come see Ree whom I had left playing in the living room after changing an awful diaper.  All the possibilities raced through my mind as I made the 5 second trip from my bathroom to the living room. Was she stuck, hurt, or getting into something she shouldn’t? Chase matched me step for step…I swear he wanted to see the look on my face when I learned that we now have another mess maker in the house.  There was Ree digging just as fast as she could in a jar of Baby Bee Balm that I had left open after applying to her little bum.  Her chubby little hands were going a mile a minute.  Oh, the joy it gave Chase to be able to tattle on someone else.  Just the night before, he had done a lengthy stint in time out for taking the spray whipped cream into my bedroom and having a heyday spraying it into his mouth, onto his clothes and new shoes, and of course, all over my carpet.  What am I going to do with two major mess makers (Who are we kidding?  FOUR mess makers…two of them MAJOR in the house????)? 

I’ve been dreading the day that Ree would be able to get around and get into things.  I have loved having her be able to sit up and play, but not go anywhere…it’s been perfect.  But I knew it wouldn’t last.  It’s me vs. them now!

The grease monkey trying to give me her most angelic look.

02 18 11_1213_edited-1

The devious look is sneaking out though.

02 18 11_1214

She and Chase are so proud of her! Not only was she covered in the pure, honey scented grease, but so was the floor.

02 18 11_1217

Last night’s culprit:

02 17 11_1193_edited-1

I’m afraid these two might make really good partners in crime!

February 15, 2011

Sorry Grandma and Papa

I’ve been seriously neglectful on the blogging front, but I’m here to mend my ways.  We recently took a trip to California that included Disneyland, Sea World, and the beach and I have lots of pictures, but not quite the time yet to post them.  So to try to tide our missionary grandparents over until I can get them posted, I snapped these pictures of Ree yesterday.  She is changing so much right now.  Spence and I say to each other every single day that we wish we could just freeze time.

She’s feeding herself finger food now, so she doesn’t stay nearly as clean as she used to.  It happens to every baby.  They turn into grubby little things with snotty noses.  I need to go out to the shed and find my bibs.

  02 14 11_1143_edited-2

02 14 11_1144_edited-2

02 14 11_1147_edited-1