February 18, 2011

It is so on!

I could hear Chase squealing with delight in the other room as I hurried to put some makeup on.  Then I heard him coming towards my room saying “mom, mom, mom,”  with what sounded like pure enjoyment in his voice.  I got the feeling that he was trying to tell me to come see Ree whom I had left playing in the living room after changing an awful diaper.  All the possibilities raced through my mind as I made the 5 second trip from my bathroom to the living room. Was she stuck, hurt, or getting into something she shouldn’t? Chase matched me step for step…I swear he wanted to see the look on my face when I learned that we now have another mess maker in the house.  There was Ree digging just as fast as she could in a jar of Baby Bee Balm that I had left open after applying to her little bum.  Her chubby little hands were going a mile a minute.  Oh, the joy it gave Chase to be able to tattle on someone else.  Just the night before, he had done a lengthy stint in time out for taking the spray whipped cream into my bedroom and having a heyday spraying it into his mouth, onto his clothes and new shoes, and of course, all over my carpet.  What am I going to do with two major mess makers (Who are we kidding?  FOUR mess makers…two of them MAJOR in the house????)? 

I’ve been dreading the day that Ree would be able to get around and get into things.  I have loved having her be able to sit up and play, but not go anywhere…it’s been perfect.  But I knew it wouldn’t last.  It’s me vs. them now!

The grease monkey trying to give me her most angelic look.

02 18 11_1213_edited-1

The devious look is sneaking out though.

02 18 11_1214

She and Chase are so proud of her! Not only was she covered in the pure, honey scented grease, but so was the floor.

02 18 11_1217

Last night’s culprit:

02 17 11_1193_edited-1

I’m afraid these two might make really good partners in crime!


Marcie said...

Too bad there isn't some way to get "even" with them. The problem with kids is that if you go mess up THEIR room, you'd still have to go clean that up too!

tricia said...

Duck Tape! That's the only solution. Now, to apply it to the fridge or to the kids that's the question?

Rachel said...

Too funny! I am sort of glad that those days are over for me! i do miss the little kids however! Thanks for sharing your fun times with us!