January 2, 2011


Chase got a remote controlled train for Christmas.  He loves it.  He loves it even more when we sit Ree down to watch him drive it around.  She is the perfect playmate for him right now…immobile!  Chase needs a friend who can’t run off to go play in another room or outside and Ree fits the bill.  She watches and tries to snag the train as it goes by.  Chase will run the train past her and if she misses it, he will back it up to give her another shot. It’s been a lot of fun.

Hours of fun!

12 29 10_0656

She snagged the lamb (from the nativity) that was acting as a passenger on the train and Chase wants it back.

12 29 10_0658

Daddy’s Little Girl

When I was about Kindergarten age, I had a shirt that said “Daddy’s Little Girl” in glittery letters.  This was before the age of “bling”, so this was a pretty special little shirt.  I was so proud of it.  Dressing Ree in a shirt that said “I love Daddy” reminded me of my little blue shirt that I wore until it was bare. 

12 30 10_0655

12 30 10_0654_edited-1

Hello 2011

We spent New Year’s Day 2011 out breaking the ice in the water tanks and feeding hay to the cows and horses. In the wee hours of new year’s morning, the airport recorded twenty-two degrees below zero.  The forecast had been for –3.  Spence didn’t sleep well all night worrying about pipes freezing and cows being out of water.  So after letting it warm up a little, we headed out to check on things.  (The boys were still at their sleepover at Grandma and Papa’s) The temperature hovered around and below zero the whole time we were out, but if you stood in the sun and kept your feet out of the snow, it was quite nice actually.  Unfortunately, five hours later, my toes were aching from the cold.  Ree stayed bundled up and fell asleep while Spence and I were traipsing around in the cattle pen freeing the floats.  Spence is just sure she’s going to be his little cowgirl.

At first I thought I had accidentally caught a bird flying by, but then realized it was just a dirty camera lens.  I like the yellow grass peaking out of the snow.  And I always like looking down a fence, I don’t know why.

01 01 11_0639

Spence chopping ice in the field in front of our house.

01 01 11_0608

You gotta love the dirty rearview mirror shots.  Ree’s watching her daddy feed the horses.

01 01 11_0618

The cows were all bunched up waiting for a drink of water.

01 01 11_0625

We spotted a hawk on our way to the White Corrals.

01 01 11_0628

Bonita doesn’t look like she’s starving.

01 01 11_0629

The cows love to sit or stand on this manure pile hill.  I always wonder if they like it for the view.

01 01 11_0636

I was watching their breath vaporize.  I tried to get a shot with all four breathing out at the same time, but I couldn’t get it.

01 01 11_0631

This little guy was watching me take pictures of the cows and came to say hi.

01 01 11_0640

Hope everyone has a great year in 2011.  For us, it’s been so far, so good. =)