August 18, 2009

First Day of School

After much debate (Spence wanted Hayes to be home schooled and I wanted to send him...sort of), Hayes went to the 4th grade.  He got Mrs. Ellsworth for his teacher, which we were excited about because she was an engineer and Hayes loves math, so we thought it would be a good combo.  For the first time in Hayes life, he's actually been concerned about his clothes and shoes and keeping them clean and nice for school.  He was worried about his shoes getting dirty at recess.  This is from the kid who would have rather just gone without clothes for a good portion of his life.  It makes me sad because I know he's growing up and I don't want him to. 

08 17 09_6261

Hayes still made sure he had time to play with the puppies before school.  I guess I still do have some of my little boy left...thank's more than this mom's heart can take! :)

08 17 09_6256

Now for Chase.  This is Chase in his new school clothes...............after he made himself a swimming hole in the front yard.

Spence has been putting a sprinkling system and some new faucets in.  He hasn't buried it all yet, so Chase was able to "wiggle" the faucet enough to break the pipe and fill the hole up with water.  It was just the right size of hole for Chase to fit his whole body in up to his neck.  I wish I would have got a picture of him sitting in the hole, it looked pretty funny.

08 17 09_6270 08 17 09_6273

I turned on the hose (the one in back that's not broken) and by the time I got back around front, Chase was doing a great job of cleaning himself off. 

08 17 09_6277

He even figured out how to  wash the mud off the back of his pants when I asked him to.  Thank goodness for little victories.  Who  can stay mad at a face like that?!?

08 17 09_6280

I wish I would have taken a picture BEFORE swimming; he really did look cute!

August 12, 2009

Screwed up my background

Sorry all; I was messing around with my background and got it so you can hardly read things.  I'll try to get a new one soon.  Be patient.

Puppy update

OK, so Spence is so proud of his puppies, that he's making me post the latest pics of them because, "they are even cuter now." I think he's in love.

Ok...he's right, they are even cuter. 


08 09 09_6156


08 09 09_6157











08 09 09_6162 08 11 09_6148



08 09 09_6159 08 01 09_6051



My favorite pictures of all...the man and his pup.



08 11 09_6147

Queensland Heeler Pups

I guess it's that time of year again...puppy time.  You may ask why on earth would people who already own four dogs want puppies and I may be asking the same question.  Spence keeps telling me that he's going to sell them since they are full blooded heelers, but I'll believe it when I see it.  In the meantime, the puppies have provided hours of entertainment and joy to the Platt boys...Spence included.  I found him today sitting behind the computer with Lulu asleep in his lap.  Chase wakes up first thing and goes out to call the puppies out from under the porch and they are the first thing he goes to whenever we come home from an outing.  Hayes of course, can be found with one in hand at any given time.  His usual spot is on the porch swing with at least one puppy and usually a cat.  So for now...and since they are so darn cute...I'll put up with all of this nonsense.  This mama's a sucker for her boys and their pets.

Heeler pups are born white with only their spots.  Later on, they turn either blue or red.  We have two red males and one blue female.  From left to right: Luke, JD, and Lulu  Since we already have a Daisy and a Roscoe, we decided to use more Dukes of Hazard names; hence, Luke Duke, JD "Boss" Hog, and Lulu Hog.  They were born July 13th, 2009, which now makes them about 5 weeks old.  I think these pictures were at 3 or 4 weeks.

08 01 09_6032

In this shot, you can see how Lulu is starting to turn blue.  You can't see the red as easily in Luke's coat.

08 01 09_6044

Luke is so cute asleep on the grass.

08 01 09_6060

As you can see, the boys aren't the only ones excited about the pups.  The other dogs are pretty interested too.  Here is Rosie trying to play mom to the pups.  Roscoe would love to check them out too (in the back) because he loves puppies too, but Daisy won't let him anywhere near them, so he just looks on.

 08 01 09_6083

Like I said, Hayes's spot.

07 26 09_6090

The pups with their real mama, Daisy.

07 26 09_6094 

Chase's early morning visits to the creatures under the porch.

08 06 09_6197

You can't live with em; you can't live without em! Oh man!