May 26, 2012

Ah Pregnancy.

Have you ever felt like you you’ve done a terrible job at life for about 9 months straight?  If you haven’t, you should try pregnancy.  I was looking back at my blog posts noticing what a cruddy job I’ve don’t for the last six months and realized that since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve basically just been trying to survive until this baby is born.  Hayes’s schooling has suffered.  Chase has suffered.  Spence has suffered.  Ree has suffered…a little :).  It has been hard on everyone.  I think I did a better job when I was younger.  I don’t think that being pregnant threw me for quite the loop it seems to be throwing me now that I am 30-something-ish!  And lots of people are still having babies at 40…how do they do it???  I just did the math and I will be 56….can that be right???… when this baby graduates from high school.  Holy Cow.  There goes Spence and I’s golden years ! :)

Luckily, we’ve still managed to have some good times even with a tired, grumpy, lame mom in the house.  I hope my kids only remember the good times! (good luck with that one!)

Chase  broke his arm in April, but the addition of 3 new kitties helped ease the pain.


As much as I cuss about them, they are pretty cute! (from left to right: Toulouse, Berlioz, and O’Malley)


We had a successful semester at homeschool co-op with our cooking class.


Cali, Laurie, Addie, Sam, and Catherine


Conner, Hayes, & Bridger (with Aaron in back…an honorary homeschooler for the day)

I have no idea why Rosie was at cooking class, but it made Chase happy.




Sweetie had a new baby girl with a zebra striped mane.



Oh and did I forget to mention that our new dog that wasn’t supposed to be our dog but ended up being our dog anyway had two puppies? You may start to wonder if I’m some crazy animal lover/cat lady, but trust me I am just a pushover….seriously.

So kiddos…try to forget your mom yelling at you and just remember these love and animal-filled days of your childhood!

10 and 2!

Ree was born the day before Chase’s 8th birthday.  Wow, what a gap!  Now I’m afraid they are destined to share birthday parties until one of them starts complaining.  Their birthdays definitely snuck up on my this year, but I actually managed to take treats to Chase’s classroom and we had a fun bash over at the Jackson house with all of the Jacksons and Platts.  I took my camera with me, but didn’t snap a single shot.  So typical.  So here are two fairly lame photos, but the only ones I got of the kids on their birthdays. Can’t believe how fast they are growing up.  Happy Birthday punks!