September 24, 2010

Soccer 2010

Hayes Jackson Platt100_9594


Soccer has been quite a family sport this year.  Spence is coaching Hayes and Trey and Maren have been reffing their games.  I had to include this one because I was laughing at Trey carrying his Big Gulp the whole time he was refereeing the game.


Life with Ree

Can you tell who my favorite kid is right now??  Just kidding…but I may be going just a tiny bit overboard with the pictures of Ree…I just can’t help myself!

Funny face


Bathing beauty.


I trapped a mouse in my dishcloth drawer.  Chase wanted to kiss it (it was dead).  When I wouldn’t let him do that, he got out the flyswatter to swat it.


What can I say?  More Allie Ree


She’s the one who pose for me without putting up a fight.


Not too happy about sharing the limelight with Hayes?


Ahh… that’s better.


Chase casually reading a magazine with his head pouring blood.


This wasn’t the best shot of us girls, but I had to laugh when I spotted Chase in the background.  Love that little devil.


Ree has been spending a lot of time on the porch in the bumbo while we try to get our lawn planted.  She’s been a trooper.


All girl.  Ree loves to sit in the bathroom while I get ready and watch me and watch her cute little self in the mirror. 


Weekend Warriors

We went camping this weekend.  The word camping just rolls off my tongue (or fingers) so casually you’d think we camp all the time.  We don’t.  First of all, I have a husband with sleep problems who hates camping.  Second, camping is just not that easy with Chase (maybe a slight understatement).  Third, camping is a lot of work and requires a lot of gear.  So I’m pretty sure I’ve never taken my kids camping before.  Luckily my kids have a grandma and a grandpa who are willing to take on the adventure of camping with a nursing mother of a barely four-month-old and 3 kiddos, one of which has cerebral palsy and tends not to do so well walking on uneven surfaces.  So it was a challenge, but it was totally worth it.  (I hope my parents would say the same) :) We set off Friday morning for the --- campground at East Fork.  Everyone was in good spirits and excitement was in the air.  By the time we pulled onto the turnoff by Alpine, the kids were sucking in the pine tree air and itching to dangle their feet off the tailgate of the trucks. Of course my parents let them…my dad had to ride too so that Chase could be included in the fun.  And so began a action-packed 2 1/2 day adventure.  I think we jammed just about every activity we could think of into those few days.  And as we pulled out of the campground around lunchtime on Sunday, dirty and exhausted, I vowed to take a camping trip once a year…that is if my parents will oblige…otherwise it won’t be happening!

Here’s the roll call of the events of the weekend:

Fishing, wading in stream, learning how to clean a fish, cooking and eating the fish, hiking, going on walks, kickball, 500, hide and seek, cutting down a tree, Hayes splitting woods for hours on end, scary stories compliments of Papa Bruce, hot chocolate in the cold morning, building fires, s’mores, Dutch oven potatoes, feeding blue jays an assortment of treats including cheetos, grapes, apples, and mealworms, lots of snacks, building  a fort on the hill, building a latrine, received nicknames and awards from Grandma, and I’m sure there were more, but it’s taken me a week to get this written and now I’ve forgotten, but it’s still a lot. These kids couldn’t have asked for more. 













100_9817 100_9702


Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a truly memorable experience!

Love,  Kel Bel, Crazie Hazie, Looney Lauren, ChaChi Chase,  and Ree Bee

September 21, 2010

Who is that masked…I mean aproned marauder


a conversation with hayes

I had to put this picture because it’s a face I’ve seen Hayes make before. It’s his “What????” face.


hayes is my little reader.  he can read for hours if he is interested.  he prides himself in how fast he can read and constantly asks me to guess which page he is on. today on the ride home from soccer practice he was telling me about a book he is reading.  something about it just made me laugh out loud, so i decided to write it down.  here’s how the conversation went (it doesn’t start out with the book):

Hayes:  Thank goodness they came up with the name teenager.  Adolescent sounds like a criminal.  Something about that word just sounds like a criminal.

Me: It sounds like convalescent to me.

Hayes:  What’s convalescent?

Me:  Someone who is sick and stuck at home.  (even though I just looked it up and that is not quite the correct definition)

Hayes:  Artimus’ (from the book he is reading) mom is sick and she can’t get out of bed.  She thinks that things are crawling all over her.  And he doesn’t have a dad or he’s dead.  It’s kind of nice that his mom is sick because he doesn’t have to go to school anymore.  He gets to just do whatever he wants and wander around with his butler

Me: LOL how random is that?

September 9, 2010

Chase’s Real First Day of School

See….I knew I wouldn’t get as good of pictures on the first day of school!  But as I looked through the four shots I did get, I had to laugh/cry remembering how it went.  I just wish I’d gotten the final shot of how it all ended up. 

I’ll try to give you Chase’s thoughts that morning:

“Is that the bus I see coming up the road???”


“Oh yay! The bus is coming.  I’m so excited”


“Wait a minute.  Why am I excited?  I’m not sure about this anymore. I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this.”


“Uh oh.  They expect me to get on that bus.  This is not so cool anymore.  Not cool at all.”


“This is not going to happen.  No way I’m getting on that bus.  You can’t drag me onto that bus.”

I don’t have a picture for this one because this is where Chase collapsed to the ground and started crying.  I had to drag him down the steps and onto the bus. As the bus pulled away from the house I could still hear him howling.  He cried the first two weeks every time the bus came.  On the third week (this week) he actually walked to the bus without being dragged and he didn’t cry.  He still has those moments on the way to the bus where he stops and gets that look on his face that says, “please don’t make me go,” but things have improved immensely. 

Odds and Ends

These are various photos from about a month ago that I never got posted. The commentary is going to be limited since I am typing one-handed. (compliments of a little girl named Allie Marie)

Chase pretending to talk on the phone.

























Drive up to the White Corrals at sunset




Nice pose…just a tad dorky! :)


Hayes and Parker; best cousins forever.





Prim and proper little Ree


I thought these photos were funny in a series.  It’s so hard to get Chase to be still for a picture.




September 6, 2010

Ree Bee

I took these pics of Ree before church on Sunday.  She is growing so fast I can’t believe it.