September 9, 2010

Chase’s Real First Day of School

See….I knew I wouldn’t get as good of pictures on the first day of school!  But as I looked through the four shots I did get, I had to laugh/cry remembering how it went.  I just wish I’d gotten the final shot of how it all ended up. 

I’ll try to give you Chase’s thoughts that morning:

“Is that the bus I see coming up the road???”


“Oh yay! The bus is coming.  I’m so excited”


“Wait a minute.  Why am I excited?  I’m not sure about this anymore. I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this.”


“Uh oh.  They expect me to get on that bus.  This is not so cool anymore.  Not cool at all.”


“This is not going to happen.  No way I’m getting on that bus.  You can’t drag me onto that bus.”

I don’t have a picture for this one because this is where Chase collapsed to the ground and started crying.  I had to drag him down the steps and onto the bus. As the bus pulled away from the house I could still hear him howling.  He cried the first two weeks every time the bus came.  On the third week (this week) he actually walked to the bus without being dragged and he didn’t cry.  He still has those moments on the way to the bus where he stops and gets that look on his face that says, “please don’t make me go,” but things have improved immensely. 


JC and Jen Young said...

He makes me smile, I don't blame him I hated the bus too and my mom some mornings had to drag me too!

Marcie said...

I just love the "putting on a brave face". I'm sure it was hard on you-but the pictures are funny. (Especially now, knowing that it turned out all right).

tricia said...

Good commentary, Kellie. Those must have been pretty traumatic mornings for Mom. You captured his feelings, I'm sure.

tricia said...
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tricia said...
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