October 24, 2008

OuR StoRy---in the beginning

Under occupation on my profile, I typed "mama". I noticed that it turned the word into a link, so one day I followed it. It brought up 674 other women who had used the word "mama" as their occupation. One thing I noticed was that more than a few of them lived in Salt Lake City, UT. The other thing I noticed was a blog called "Our Version of Normal" with a profile picture of a little girl who had Down Syndrome. This piqued my interest since I am the parent of a child with special needs. I went to the blog and found an interesting family with seven kids; some whom were adopted and many whom had special needs. I wanted to find out their story, so I tried going to the very first blog entry. Luckily she had started with an "our story" type of entry that I was looking for.

I have debated (with myself of course :) about just how much information I should give out about our family. While a blog is supposed to be a journal, I have tried to keep my posts more along the lines of updates of the happenings in our lives as opposed to personal feelings and private thoughts. I have also guarded the day-to-day struggles of raising a child with special needs. I feel like if I start "going there", my blog will take on a whole new life of it's own. But after happening onto "Our Version of Normal", I decided that somewhere on my blog, I should at least tell a little bit about how "The Platt Family" as it is now, came to be.

Spence and I started dating in 1992 when we were seniors in high school. Yes....high school sweethearts :) How funny. We were crazy about each other. I'm sure we drove our parents crazy just as one day my children will drive me crazy. I must back up here just for a moment. We actually met in fourth or fifth grade when we were introduced by a mutual friend, Steven Nordvall. Steven was my neighbor. Spence was over at Steven's house one day, and we all ended up in his basement watching Freddy Kruger in Friday the 13th... a great after-school activity for 9 year-olds. :) I'm sure both my mom and Spence's mom would have disapproved, but they were none the wiser :p Apparently Steven had a little crush on me because the very next day, I got a phone call and heard a recording of Stevie Wonder singing, "I Just Called to Say I Love You". When the song was finished, Spence got on the line and asked me if I would "go out" with Steven. "No," was my quick reply, "my mom won't let me." Well the next day, I got another phone call. This time it was Steven asking me if I would go out with Spence. Wouldn't you know it, I had never actually asked my mom if I could go out with anyone, and I must have thought that Spence was a little bit cuter than Steven, because suddenly I had no restrictions, and the answer was YES!

To be continued on another day... I'm out of time. (& this could take a while!)


11-15-2008-11-28-08-334_edited-1 11-15-2008-11-33-05-717_edited-4

If Spence's mom would have left him a little "party in the back" we would have had identical boy haircuts!  To my mom's credit, she was not the one who gave me this fabulous haircut.  I got it pro bono at Marcie's "Side of the House Beauty Shop" a la the grass clippers.  Wow!  (I need to go to my mom's house and find a better picture....but all tom-boys should sport a mullet at least once in their life :)


Annie said...

How cute! So was Steven mad you said "yes" to Spence and not him?

I am sure it is rough on you sometimes with your day to day routine, but you are the best mom, your boys are so lucky to have you.

HoneyGirl said...

You know, I can't remember. I'm sure he was hurt but didn't show it. The fact that I broke up with Spence the next day probably helped!

tricia said...

Now I get the real scoop! Friday the 13th, huh? Well, good for Steven Nordvall introducing you to our family. Now that was unselfish, I'd say.
Keep going....

Head Honcho

Marcie said...

Ha! Steven couldn't have handled you! We'd have just beat him up, make him eat rotten vegetables, or whatever else our devious minds could have made up. Actually, I remember the Steven asking you to be his girlfriend story-and come to think of it- I remember the "I just called to say I love you" thing. I just didn't know it was Spence. Wonder if he could have handled the rotten tomato bit?!

Missy :o) said...

Kellie, I think we all could learn A LOT from a mom as awesome as you.