October 1, 2008


With a little reluctance, Spence volunteered to coach soccer again this year.  Hayes told him he wouldn't play unless he coached.  That, coupled with the fact that no other parents were willing to do it, made Spence a shoe-in :)  Spence really is a good coach though.  He understands soccer and really tries to teach the kids and he's very fair. 

09 26 08_2506

Christian, Homero, Felicity, Spence, and Fernando.

09 26 08_2511

Who wants to be goalie first? (Maybe we should have combed Hayes's hair)

09 26 08_2510

Hayes didn't go first, he went after it got up to about 80 degrees.  Check out the red face. He's actually a really good little goalie and likes to play defense. 09 26 08_2507

09 26 08_2503

09 26 08_2514

Hayes and Parker after their games.  Thank goodness they don't play each other.  They're already competitive enough.

09 26 08_2519

I didn't get one of Hayes and Lauren together, but she did a great job in her game.  I appreciate the fact that she's always willing to pose for me! Such a cutie!

10 23 07_0197_edited-1

Last year's soccer team.

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mike and maren said...

Every time I call someone from St. Johns (namely Kris or my Mom) they are always heading out to watch soccer games. I feel like I'm missing out - it's a fun way to spend a nice fall afternoon. :)