October 1, 2008

What Makes a Good Toy?

I'm seriously wondering if I should get one of these carts for my kids for Christmas :) Any time we got to a hotel, they spend every moment they can on the cart trolley.  I think we should all stop buying toys and buy boxes, dog houses, trolleys, car antennae, tent pegs, (you wouldn't believe how popular these are with Kristen and I's kids...I'm not sure if this grammar is correct) letter openers, mini-blind wands and sticks for our kids for Christmas. (Notice many of the items can be used as weapons...a favorite of ours :)  Are girls like this too?

09 22 08_2539 

Watch out....Chase is driving.

09 22 08_2542_edited-1

Amazingly, no one was hurt during the taking of these photos.

09 22 08_2544

Spence's favorite thing to do on vacation.  Notice that he is sleeping with a TV remote in his hand.  I have to give him credit though, this is the first year he's actually remembered his swim trunks so that he could help me with the kids in the pool.  And, he went swimming with us two or three times; so he earned his little nap.

09 21 08_2550

I always have to get at least one good water slide picture of Hayes.  He said it wasn't fast enough for him.  48lbs don't carry very fast.

09 21 08_2557

Chase loved the pool and drank only a minimal amount of pool water.  Anyone have ideas for teaching him how to hold his breath?  The baby trick of blowing in his face isn't cutting it.

09 21 08_2565

I don't know what exactly is happening in this photo, but it looks fun.

09 21 08_2560

He either sees a shark or is just realizing how cold the water is.

09 23 08_2533

I love the way they are making pools with gradual declines instead of drop-offs.  It makes life so much easier for moms!

We want to thank Grandma and Papa Platt for letting us use some of their condo time.  We always have such a good time. It was a much needed vacation.

Oh, and I was kidding about having fabulous vacation photos.  All I've got is the pool and the inside of the condo...it was a very laid-back vacation. Try me back in 2010 when I go to Italy!

P.S. One more thought before I post this.  Ever notice that no matter what pool toy or floatation device you bring to the pool for your punk, they always want someone else's pool toy.  You could even go out that same day and buy the toy they were coveting, and they will still want what some other kid has.  Chase does this to me every time. I can't win.


Missy :o) said...

you guys sure are blessed to have a spot like that to go to! Great pictures and it looks like you had a great time.

PS yes, girls do act like that, too! Especially when they have brothers! (maybe not so much the weapon part, but playing with all those things!) no need for toys....

Kristen said...

Heavens! You've been busy! I'm just going to leave one comment here:) First, I have to say that Chase is one of the most gorgeous babies ever (I've always thought so). Second, I've never seen an ounce of Platt in that kid (maybe that's why he was such a cute baby:), but in the picture of him and Spence in the pool--he does look a little Platt-ish. I'm not sure what it is:)