October 2, 2008

Chase Jackson Platt aka TATERTOT (age 6)

Chase loves to laugh and tease.  The more you ask him to love you, the more he calls you meanie.  He loves french fries (& tater tots :) and broccoli.  He's happiest when he's outside or watching Sponge Bob.  He also loves to make messes.  If there's trouble, he can usually find it. His hero is Hayes (Hay-dee).  He hates going to school without him this year.  He loves to dance (Uncle Trey nicknamed it the "Dora Dance") and after the Olympics, he decided he likes to do gymnastics too. He loves to wrestle with Hayes and can take more tickling than any kid I know.  He's one tough hombre.  He's had countless black eyes and bruises, but it never slows him down.  He's stubborn and determined, but I think he needs to be. He has a tougher row to hoe than most kids, but he does it with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.  He blesses our lives.

10 01 08_2604

He was sticking a weed into the camera while I was trying to take this pic.

10 01 08_2585

My parents got Chase this little jeep so he could tag along with Hayes and Parker.  We've tried to teach him to drive, but he doesn't care much about staying on the road.  Today he was jamming the gear shift back and forth between forward and reverse.  The only way to stop him is to physically lift his foot off the gas pedal.  He just laughs the whole time while he repeatedly runs over your feet. 

10 01 08_2593

Normally Charlie wouldn't put up with this, but I had him zipped up in the trampoline with Chase.  He had no way to escape.

Oldies But Goodies


Age 2?



Pneumonia  at around 20 months?




2nd EEG (14 months)


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is Harvey, Hayes, Charlie, and Chase.


Chase has the BEST brother.


At the White Corrals



Hanging out on the glider with Grandma Terry



Me and Chase at Trey & Brindi's wedding.


This last one almost makes me cry.  Chase and his daddy.

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Marcie said...

What a cutie. He makes my heart happy.