November 28, 2008

Last Cookout of the Year???

With the weather cooling off and it being nearly December, my mom decided we better get in a cookout before it's too cold.  But when I asked her if it will be the last one of the year, she was reluctant to call an end to the cookout season.  So at our next cookout, there may be snow on the ground and we may be donning our winter coats and gloves, but we'll still be cooking out, damnit! Tere-babe is such a trooper!

If you ever wonder why Spence is missing from our photos, it's because he usually shows up to all of the events after we've eaten...only about an hour or so late! Some things never change.  So here's pics with me and my boys...minus one!

11 21 08_3103

11 21 08_3104_edited-1

They've always got to get in at least one good wrestling match...usually initiated by Chase. His headlocks are dangerous.

11 21 08_3079

They love to throw anything they can get their hands on into the fire.

11 21 08_3092

I love Chase's face in this shot as he's winding up to throw his leaves in the fire.

11 21 08_3090 

Papa Bruce is always good for at least one game of Andy-I-Over!

11 21 08_3108

The Man himself...BCJ. Love ya, Dad.

11 21 08_3096

Thanks Mom and Dad for the many cookouts over the years.  We cherish them all.

OuR StoRy---the high school thing

I never should have started this project with a memory like mine! :)  I'll just have to give it to you in bits and pieces that I can remember.

Rather than "dating", it seemed like we mostly just "hung out"  together.  One of the things I do remember is that I instantly liked his friends.  I remember driving down to Whiting Bros in Doug Chlarson's little blue car they called the "Mirth Mobile".  Having grown up in 3rd ward up at the stake center, I didn't know the guys from 1st and 2nd ward very well.  Soon I knew the Doug Brothers, Doug Chlarson and Doug Lisonbee, and Troy Adair.  I remember one of our first dates was getting pizza with Troy and Melissa and driving out east in Spence's old brown truck named "One in a Million".  The car naming phenomenon again. 

It seemed like we would always end up down at Whiting Brothers around closing for the half-price burritos.  Does anyone else remember this?  After 10:00 pm or so, Whitings would mark down their burros (that was about all the food they sold besides corn dogs back them).  Half price wasn't good enough for Spence; he would always manage to talk the clerk on duty into throwing something in for free or marking them down early.  Now I remember why he can always talk me into anything.  Everywhere we went he'd talk people into giving him the "employee discount" or some other outrageous deal.

I would ride with Spence out to check waters or break ice at the ranch out east.  I thought it was kind of cool that he wore Wranglers when he went to work.  I had only known him as "Skater" up to this point and had no idea about the cowboy within. :) 

The Winter dance was coming up and we both already had dates with other people.  But now that we liked each other, we couldn't bear the thought of not going together.  Does this sound like teenage minds or what????  Somehow we finagled it so that we traded dates and the other two went with each other and we got to go together.  I'd like to take this time to apologize to the other two people even though they'll probably never read this. What can I say...we were crazy in love or like or something like that.  At this point we'd been "dating" about a month.  I was proud, at the time, to say that we'd never kissed.  Doesn't one month of no kissing constitute a considerable foundation of friendship before becoming an item?  I thought so. 

After the dance, Spence talked me into (remember, he could talk me into anything and still can) dropping everyone else off at home first so I could take him last.  I went inside his house with him and we were standing in the kitchen doorway talking. After some smooth talking on Spence's part and some awkward side-stepping on my part,  he finally kissed me on the cheek. I was still holding on to the thought that we should be friends for a while.  Not to be deterred (he's going to hate that I'm saying this about him...I better get his side of the story later), he eventually maneuvered in and landed a big one right on my  lips. I'm not going to go all "pioneer woman" on you all and tell you all the steamy details, A. because I can't remember them and B. because our parents will read this, but I do remember thinking he was the best kisser I'd ever come across.

In months that ensued, we became inseparable.  Dating Spence entailed a lot of waiting.  He was notoriously late to everything.  I spent in inordinate amount of time at his house chatting with his family while he showered and dressed.  He never seemed to actually start to get ready to go out until he heard me ring the doorbell. He is to this day, meticulous about his grooming, but has perfected the 3-minute shower, so I have to give him some credit! As I sat waiting in his living room or kitchen, he would inevitably come out with socks and shoes in hand and proceed to put on one sock, then one shoe. The other sock and then the other shoe.  Is it just me or is this weird? I guess it stands out in my mind because the whole putting on of the socks and shoes might take anywhere from 5-15 minutes (depending on whether  or not he misplaced a sock during the process).  I might be exaggerating here, but I swear it did. 

As our senior year drew to a close, we had no idea what the future might hold.  We'd been "steady dating" (I'm not promoting steady dating here :) for about eight months by this time. Would we go our separate ways?  Would we try to make a long distance relationship work?  Surely there would be college and a mission?  We marched down the auditorium aisle arm in arm to receive our high school diplomas.  It seemed like a surreal and euphoric event in the mind of a 17-year-old.  School and friends were the only life we knew up until this point.  I think we were both feeling pretty nostalgic and emotional about leaving it all behind.  After the ceremony ended, we snuck behind the stage and out into the hall by the band room for a moment alone.  I remember Spence picked me up an swung me around and his first uttered "I love you" was met with my quick "I love you too" in response.  Was it just two teenagers who thought they knew what love meant?  Was it real love that would endure the test of time and space?  Only time would tell.......



More embarrassing photos:


No wonder Spence fell for me....look at me!  All curly hair and crazy bangs flying in the air...what's not to love???


Spence, Kellie, Courtney Grant.....Boyd Lee, Tana Udall, Ben Heap

Ben had been stepped on by a bull in a rodeo earlier in the day.  I think he lost some teeth and had stitches, but he still made it to the dance.

There's those white Guess jeans again!

11-19-2008-22-48-01-525_edited-1       11-19-2008-22-40-35-596_edited-1-1

Prom....which we actually made it to...late, and then left early.

11-19-2008-22-52-31-292_edited-1 A great shot of Spence choking me.  If only I'd known back then the UFC moves he'd want to try out on me now...I might have thought twice about things. :)

On a side note:  People always find it interesting that I got my degree in Special Education and then had a special boy myself.  As I was remembering high school, I thought back to some other encounters that may have helped prepare or at least foreshadowed Spence and I having a child with special needs. 

I don't know if any of you remember Maria or Serena, but they were two girls who were in special ed in high school.  Maria Hensley was a short, petite girl with big glasses, and Serena (I don't know her last name...would someone look it up in their yearbook for me?)  was a sassy, dark-haired girl with feathered bangs and an attitude.  She used to do the "Oh no you di-in't" head shake and snap like a black  girl.  Well, these girls LOVED Spence.  When we were dating, they would be at his locker between EVERY class hoping for a little teasing from Spence, which he would always come through with.  I think that they could have taken or left me....which is totally wrong, because I had spent my whole junior year as the aide in their special ed class with Ernesto Lopez. (I guess I didn't have Spence's charisma! :)  The only  need they had for me was when they wanted to tattle on Spence for something he said or to pass along some kind of message to him. I was always impressed with Spence's kindness.  He made those girls feel good about themselves.  His teasing was never mean-spirited, it was exactly what they wanted and it made their day.  Just one more thing that makes me love him.  When the day is done and he forgets to take out the trash or doesn't do the dishes he promised to do, I can always come up with off-setting qualities that make those little "insurrections" not seem so important. 


I just found this photo in an album Trish gave me.  He started early charming the ladies with his guitar! :)

A Conversation With Chase

We just happened to have this conversation on the ride home tonight, but it's typical of most of our conversations in which it's like pulling teeth to get Chase to tell you he loves you instead of endlessly teasing. He loves to tease....especially when it comes to his Dad.  I actually cut down on the number of "meanies" and "puppies"!

Me:  "I love you, Chase."

Chase: "Meanie."

Me: "I love you, Chase."

Chase: "Meanie, meanie."

Me:  "I love you, you say, I love you Mom."

Chase "Meanie."

Me:  "Say, I love you Mom."

Chase:  "Meanie."

Me:  "You little punk.  Say I love you Mom."

Chase:  "I luuuu.................MOM!"

Me:  "Yay! You're such a good boy.  I love you too. Who else do you love?"

Chase:  "Papa."

Me:  "Who else?"

Chase:  "Gram."

Me: "Who else?"

Chase:  "Hay-dee." (Hayes)

Me:  "What about Dad?"

Chase:  "Puppy."

Me:  "Don't you love Dad?"

Chase:  "Puppy" (he laughs) "Puppy, puppy!"

Me: "Daddy!"

Chase: "Puppy, puppy."

Me:  "Daddy!"

Chase:  (he finally gives in) "Dad.....daddy, daddy."

Me:  "You love Dad?"

Chase:  "I luuuuu................DAD!"

Me:  "Thanks for that unsolicited love, Chase.  We can always count on you."

07 16 08_1434_edited-1

That's a wink if you couldn't tell! 

November 26, 2008

My Guitar Hero

No, not the video game.  Spence of course.  You know, they say that the things that attract you to your spouse initially are the things that drive you crazy later on....have any of you ever heard this?  Well, that would have been true about guitar when we were first married and a few years after that.  The money spent on equipment, the noise, the time, being in a band, band members, playing in clubs, etc., etc. etc.  But now, it doesn't bother me so much. This may be due to the fact that we live at the potato farm (not a club in sight) and he usually only plays with his brother and they moved all the stuff down to the barn. :) 

The other night, I put the kids to bed and went down to take pictures of one of their jam sessions.  Spence plays guitar, Trey sings and plays guitar, and BJ plays the keyboard.  And you want to know what?  They're pretty dang good.  I don't know if they'll ever get all the members required to have an actual band, but they enjoy it.  It's a nice stress reliever after a long day of punching cattle.  Hayes and I just wish they'd get another drummer so that we can sneak down again and play on the drum set...Hayes was getting pretty good until the drummer took his stuff.  I guess he and I will stick with Rock Band for now. 

I had to add some effects to the pictures to make them more "rockin"! :)  Isn't their studio/tack shed cool?

enhanced band copy

guitar spence


trey sing

glowing edges2 

I'm their Number One Fan!

How to make blogging easier:

I thought I would pass this little bit of info on for any of you who are feeling like your blogging is taking too much time like I was.  I opened a blog account over a year ago, but never did anything with it because it took so long to upload pictures.  Then I stumbled upon a free download from windows called Live Writer.  It has made blogging so much quicker and easier for me.  It takes a little getting used to, but the thing I like is that you can import your pictures quick, do all of your writing, and then just hit publish and walk away.  It automatically publishes your post to your blog and  you don't have to wait while it loads the 45 pictures  you took of your day on the ranch! :)  If any of you try it, let me know what you think of it.  And maybe there are some tools out there similar to Live Writer that are better (but they've got to be free)...clue me in if you already use a similar program.  I'd love your input.

Here's the link:  Windows Live Writer

November 21, 2008

I love this kid! (finally getting a gratitude post done Marcie!)

The saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is so true.  Even if it's just overnight.  Grandma Trish had Chase spend the night last night.  He hasn't been sleeping well since we changed his seizure medicine and an uninterrupted night of sleep was blissful for Spence and I. Chase has also been extremely jealous of the two home-schooling cousins who get to go to Grandma's house every Tues and Thurs for school.  He cried and cried yesterday when we dropped Hayes off at Grandma's and then proceeded on to the school to drop him off.  "Gram, gram" he cried over and over.  So it was perfect timing when Trish called to have him come over. 

When she brought him back this morning, he looked so cute in his little sweatsuit that I just had to grab the camera for a few shots.

11 21 08_3062_edited-1  


11 21 08_3063_edited-2

He found a dead bird on the lawn (thank you cats) and was showing it to me.  He's telling me about its beak.

11 21 08_3058

He still BARELY fits on the big wheel.  He's saying vroom vroom.

11 21 08_3071

Today I'm grateful for my boy Chase.

11 20 08_3019 copy

Spence and his boys when we lived at Campus Heights at NAU. Now THAT was an experience!  Talk about NO sleep. I think all of these old pictures were taken in Flagstaff when Chase was about 6-8 months old. We used to call him Yoda because of his ears.  Affectionately of course. :)11-21-2008-13-02-42-877_edited-6




When Chase was about three months old, we started noticing these little funny jerks he'd do with his arms.  His eyes would also flick up to the sky and then back quickly that you might not even notice.  But Spence and I thought it was strange, so we took him into the doctor.  They at first dismissed us, saying it was just reflexes, but as they continued and started developing into more significant "jerks" of his limbs, we got a referral to a neurologist and took him in for testing.  I found this journal entry the other day when I was cleaning out some papers.  I can't even remember writing it.

"On Friday (4/25/09) we took Chase to Dr. Kaplan, the head of Pediatric Neurology at Phoenix Christians.  He diagnosed him with benign myoclonic/akinetic seizures.  He had an EEG that same day and the results came back normal.  Thank goodness!  Dr. Kaplan thinks Chase will grow out of his little seizures within the next few months.  I'm keeping a journal for the next few weeks to keep track of their frequency and then we'll discuss if we should put Chase on medication or not.  We feel very blessed that he is going to be fine"

It kind of makes me sad to read, but he is ours and we love him.  Do I wish the seizures had gone away and everything would have turned out "fine"?? Of course. I wish he didn't have to struggle.  I wish he could walk and talk like a normal 6-year-old. But this is the life we've been dealt and I really do believe we are blessed in our trials.  You know how you always wish your kids wouldn't grow up so fast.  I've felt lucky with Chase because he hasn't.  I got to have a baby longer and a toddler longer.  He is still a cuddly little boy who shares his love more freely than most six-year-olds. I feel lucky to have that.  There are more blessings that I can name that have come to our family because of Chase. 

Since I started writing "our story", I've thought a lot about how when you're young, you never even consider the possibility that your kids might have problems or the trials that your life may hold for you.  I have a picture on my fridge from Jeanie Mangum's funeral that captures the feeling of what I'm talking about:


(Lon and Jeanie Mangum)

They look so young and innocent and full of promise, with no idea the struggles they will have to endure. I know that with Aaron's disabilities and Jeanie's health problems, as they got older, it took its toll.  My heart goes out to their family and especially to Lon who has cared for both of them for years.  He has truly endured his trials well.

I don't know how I will be when I get old (I may end up with a bad attitude:), but I hope that I can continue to find joy in the journey and appreciate all of moments that make up a life well-lived.  I am grateful for my family.

Some things about Chase:

1. He is full of it.  Full of life and fun.  A true ham and a tease.

2.  He loves strongly and shows affection freely.

3.  He is innocent and pure.06 20 08_1222

4. He loves to make messes.  I would almost say he finds joy in messes.

5.  He loves eggs, broccoli, and milk. He eats all day long.

6.  He loves his brother Hayes. He calls him Hay-dee.

7.  He's stubborn.  There is no bribe in the world that will work if Chase really doesn't want to do something.

8.  His smile can light up a room. He can take more tickling than any other kid I've ever known. He always asks for more.

9.  He has the best eyelashes around.

10.  He loves animals, but has no grasp of the concept "gentle".  His puppy still loves him even though he chokes her constantly.

06 20 08_122311.  He loves to wrestle and rough-house.  He's dangerous with a sword.

12.  He is a cartoon junkie.  Sponge Bob was his favorite for a long time, but he's hooked on Barney now...thank goodness.

13.  He loves holiday decorations....especially Halloween, but I was surprised to see that he is enjoying the Thanksgiving decorations just as much.

14.  He wants everything he sees in a store, but rarely plays with toys....other than swords.

15.  He loves to watch America's Funniest Home Videos, especially the ones involving animals.

16.  He loves his Grandmas and Papas.  He loves his Uncle Trey more than just about anyone.06 20 08_1215

17.  He loves bathroom humor.  All you have to do is say toot or burp and he cracks up.

18.  He loves the outdoors.  He loves to go down to the barn or out on the ranch.

19.  He makes us smile.

November 15, 2008

What's Your Favorite Pie Recipe?

With Thanksgiving closing in, I've been thinking a lot about pie.  I have my definite favorite pie, and thought it would be fun to pie recipe swap.  I'm counting on all of you!  So here's mine and I'm hoping you'll all find the time to post yours so that I can try some new ones this year. 

I put this recipe in the St. Johns Stake Cookbook, but forgot to mention that I use bottled lemon for the 1/2 cup and then use the actual lemon rind to "kick it up a notch" as Emeril would say!

Sour Cream Lemon Pie

11 08 08_3012

I love this pie because it is tart and creamy.

1 c sugar
1 c milk
3 egg yolks, slightly beaten
½ cup fresh squeezed lemon juice (I use Real Lemon from the bottle)
3 ½ Tbs. cornstarch
1 Tbs. grated lemon peel

Mix the above ingredients together in a medium sized saucepan (a heavy non-stick pan with a thick bottom works best)  Cook over medium heat (stirring so that it doesn’t  burn on the bottom) until it boils.  Boil for 1 minute and remove from the heat.

¼ c butter

Stir in the butter until it melts. Let the mixture cool a little and then fold in:

1 c sour cream

Pour filling into a baked, deep-dish pie crust and refrigerate 4 hours. 
Garnish with whipped cream candied lemon peel strips if you want to get fancy….I never do.

So share the love and post your favorite pie recipe...or send it to me and I'll post it here!

My pie crust recipe makes more than enough dough for two pies, so Chase went to town on the extra dough.  He rolled out dough for at least 30 minutes without stopping.

11 08 08_2999

He worked and worked...notice the tongue. Flour and dough were a-flyin'.

11 08 08_3002

And he giggled and squealed and thoroughly had a ball.

11 08 08_3000

I better teach this boy to cook!

11 08 08_3003

November 6, 2008

But with joy, wend your way

I forgot that I had wanted to post something President Monson said in his conference talk that had really stayed with me.  Then at YW's training meeting Tuesday night, Laurette gave us a copy of the talk as one of the handouts.  It was his talk, "Finding Joy in the Journey".  I enjoyed the whole talk, but towards the end he said, "I pray that all of us will REFLECT GRATITUDE."  He didn't just say, have gratitude.  I think reflecting gratitude is a whole bigger idea. To me it means it isn't enough to be grateful (although this is a big step), but we need to manifest it in our attitudes and relationships.  I thought this was a great concept.

Then on another handout she gave, Elaine Dalton quoted the words from the hymn, Come, Come Ye Saints.

Come, come ye Saints,

No toil nor labor fear;

But with joy wend you way.

Though I've sung this song a hundred times, these words really jumped out at me:

But with joy, wend your way!

So I'm going to work on really reflecting the gratitude I feel, by wending my way with joy.  I'm big on mind over matter; I really do think we can decide to be happy. It looks like it's time to repaint the sign above my oven.  (I have changed it a couple of times when I find a quote or saying or scripture that really hits home with me and is something that I'd like to work on)....or, I may just print it on a white sheet of paper and put it on the fridge...this one is more likely, due to the unlikeliness (I realize this is not really a word) of me actually getting around to repainting the sign. :) :) :)

November 5, 2008

OuR StoRy---in the beginning part ii

Little did my mind think of how saying no to Steven and yes to Spence would make Steven feel.  But I must have realized that I didn't even know what going out entailed, because I called Steven the next day and told him to tell Spence that my mom said I couldn't go out with him either.  Again, not true, but seemed like a good excuse.  No wonder men can't seem to figure out starts at an early age! :)

I didn't encounter Spence again for a few years.  He was home-schooled at the time and didn't come back to public school until our eighth-grade year.  As we entered high school, I had a Spanish class with him.  I remember him teasing Senora Udall and getting in trouble for goofing off.  He wasn't paying attention one day when she called on him to translate.  It was something about "me llamo" and "rubio" and Spence make up some silly sentence about a dirty llama and a rude Spaniard that had the whole class rolling. 

Another memory I have of Spence is when he was a junior and tried to run for student body president.  The administration wouldn't let him because he had been suspended for fighting during the year.  His best friend Troy was up on stage and suddenly turned the time over to Spence who had been hiding in back of the stage.  Spence walked out and said into the microphone, "The administration can go to hell!" and jumped off the stage. Whoa!  If I had known him and his family better back then, I would have recognized him as his father's son. :) I noticed that he went and sat by his girlfriend and held her hand...I admit that I felt a twinge of jealousy even though I had my own boyfriend at the time. (By the way, I'm sure he would have won the election and probably still got more write-in votes than anyone)

I don't know if Spence has any memories of me.  I wasn't quite as outgoing as he was.  I remember when he started liking me.  He would come up to me at school and say the most obscure things to me. It seemed like to me he was always talking in riddles.  He was really good with words and I could never read him very well.  It made me uncomfortable because I thought he was trying to tease me. He probably just had a much better vocabulary than me. (all that home-schooling:)

He started ditching weight training second hour to hang out with me in Sylvia's room. (I was her aide) I started giving him rides home from school since he was always in trouble and couldn't drive their car. I still wasn't sure about him with all of his crazy talk and cockiness.  Then one day he invited me to his house to hear him play his guitar. (smooth move Spence...I wonder how many other girls he used that one on?) But it wasn't the guitar that got me.  It was how nice and laid back he was at home.  It was also the nice way he treated and interacted with his mom.  Looking back, that was a really good indicator.  Spence is always very respectful of women and family is very important to him. 

Needless to say, between the guy he was at home and his tight, white Guess jeans, I was hooked.  They really weren't tight, I just added that in. :)

To be continued...

I had to scan some old pictures from high school. Pretty funny!                                             

     11-05-2008-10-23-58-408_edited-1        11-05-2008-10-23-58-408_edited-2

Something happened when I scanned Spence's picture and his left eye now looks like  he's wearing blue eye shadow...oops.

11-05-2008-10-20-11-601_edited-1         11-05-2008-10-21-56-199_edited-1

above left: top row- melissa west, jaime mineer and doug chlarson bottom row- troy adair, spence, and me (notice that Spence is wearing those white Guess jeans paired with Redwing boots.  I on the other hand am sporting purple leggings with socks and sandals...gotta love the 90's!)

above right:  top row- jon romero and pami christian; next row- craig kennedy and tana udall; next- spence and courtney grant; bottom row- carrol lambson and me



November 4, 2008

Tell me What you Think

You may have noticed that I write my blog list of friends and family with both the husbands and wives and their last names.  I also include the wife's maiden name if she came from St. Johns or if I know her by that name. I just like to know who is who and it's easier to find people I know that way.

I need to know if this bothers anyone.  I started my blog with nicknames and trying to keep everything really private, but gave it up quickly.  But I totally understand if anyone doesn't want me to post their real names or last names or maiden names.  So if you have a preference, please leave me a comment and let me know.  If a lot of people don't want me to use their full names, I'll change up the format.  Thanks, Kellie (Jackson) Platt

November 3, 2008

Income Redistribution

I'm probably going to offend some people with this one, but it cracked me up.

Also, something I just found out this year.  I had always heard growing up that you had to register Democrat to vote in the primaries around here (Apache County), or at least to vote on most of the races. I think I even skipped a few primary elections because I thought I couldn't vote being registered an independent.  Well I found out that independents can vote, they just ask for the democrat or republican ballot when they get to the polling place.  Just FYI.

income redistribution cartoon

Obama says he will bankrupt the coal industry

I thought this might be an interesting video for the people of St. Johns to watch since so many are employed by SRP and TEP.  I was skeptical when I saw the headline, but if you watch this video through to the end, he lays out his "cap and trade" plan to tax and regulate the coal  industry until they are bankrupt. He actually says that , "if someone wants to build a coal-powered power plant, they can, it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being emitted."

November 1, 2008

We survived Halloween...and maybe even had a little fun doing it!

Daddy and his little devil!

10 30 08_2970

The Black Ninja

10 30 08_2966_edited-1

He has many moves.

10 30 08_2958

So many in fact, that it is impossible to show them all at this time.  You will just have to trust me. :)

10 30 08_2959

Spence actually did the boys makeup...I can't believe it...I love it!

10 30 08_2963

The finished hilarious!  Thanks mom for sewing his costume!

10 30 08_2964_edited-1

Once we were dressed and "makeuped", it was off to the Humphery's for pictures and trick-or-treating. Can you believe that they are all sitting still and looking where we want them to for a picture?  This has to be a I right Kris ???  Oh wait, now I see that Briton's (the cowboy) face is the right direction, but his eyes are looking somewhere else.  That sneaky, little rascal.10 30 08_2972_edited-1

There, now he's looking. (the picture below)

From left to right: Ewok Parker, Ninja Hayes, Devil Chase, Cowboy Briton, and Ewok Charlie (Jane was strapped in her car seat and had already shed her bee costume)

Some of our favorite houses to visit are Anna Hanson's (Spence got a candied apple :), Louise Platt's (scared Brit half to death), and the Heap's for homemade rootbeer (Chase spilled his on me then I spilled mine on me).  (Note to the Whitings and the Capps: Try to be home next year, please!)

Thanks Kris and Chuck for letting us tag along. 10 30 08_2975_edited-1


Hayes wanted Parker to spend the night (as he does every night) and watch Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D.  They fell asleep on the couch with their Halloween makeup still caked on their faces.  I wiped Chase's makeup off a little since he had the most on and because I was sure he would end up in my bed at some point in the night (he did).

Here they are with their Halloween Hangovers!  10 31 08_2951_edited-1 

I had to take an extra one of Hayes since he basically just looked DIRTY.

10 31 08_2952

Time for their once a week bath. :) Check out the black bath water. 

10 31 08_2953

I had kind of been dreading Halloween, but I guess I'm just a kid at heart....I had a really good time!

On a side note: My mom is the Holiday Decoration Lady!  Growing up, my mom always made holidays so fun and special, and she decorated like CRAZY.  She still does and I love her for it.  Chase loves her even more for it.  His favorite holiday is Halloween.  He loves all of the spooky and scary decorations.  So this year I decided to try and be my mother's daughter and do the house up right for Halloween.  Well after all of my effort, I had to take pictures to congratulate myself.  So now, I'm posting them on my blog even if it is a little self-indulgent. Is that OK?

I used to help my mom do a yarn spider web across our posts out front.  I went all- out to out-do the ones we used to make. (I do realize that I use way too many dashes, ellipses and parenthesis when I write, but "it's my blog and I'll over-punctuate if I want to!)

10 23 08_2746_edited-1

I got these spider sheets(?) for a dollar at Alco...a great bargain I thought.  I also added an anchor and a new screw to our skeleton tomb that Chase had broken and got it working again. The hot glue I tried last year did not work. Hayes timed pressing the button so that it would be open for the picture. :)

10 23 08_2747_edited-1

I can't think of a caption for this other than my dad built this storage bench for me.  Cool huh?!

10 23 08_2751_edited-1

Chase wanted me to light these ghost candles every day.  We actually did light them for a minute on "Halloween Eve" as Hayes calls the day before Halloween.  Hayes didn't think we should do school on Halloween Eve. :)

10 23 08_2752

More cheap and scary spiders.

10 23 08_2757

The rats a nice touch don't you think?

10 23 08_2753

Thanks for indulging me...if any of you ever want to post pictures that just make you feel good about yourself, I'll be happy to look at them. :)