November 28, 2008

Last Cookout of the Year???

With the weather cooling off and it being nearly December, my mom decided we better get in a cookout before it's too cold.  But when I asked her if it will be the last one of the year, she was reluctant to call an end to the cookout season.  So at our next cookout, there may be snow on the ground and we may be donning our winter coats and gloves, but we'll still be cooking out, damnit! Tere-babe is such a trooper!

If you ever wonder why Spence is missing from our photos, it's because he usually shows up to all of the events after we've eaten...only about an hour or so late! Some things never change.  So here's pics with me and my boys...minus one!

11 21 08_3103

11 21 08_3104_edited-1

They've always got to get in at least one good wrestling match...usually initiated by Chase. His headlocks are dangerous.

11 21 08_3079

They love to throw anything they can get their hands on into the fire.

11 21 08_3092

I love Chase's face in this shot as he's winding up to throw his leaves in the fire.

11 21 08_3090 

Papa Bruce is always good for at least one game of Andy-I-Over!

11 21 08_3108

The Man himself...BCJ. Love ya, Dad.

11 21 08_3096

Thanks Mom and Dad for the many cookouts over the years.  We cherish them all.

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us plus 5 said...

I so LOVE your blog!!! you always have the cutest dang pictures... and the way you write just brings everything to life!! even jim sits and reads yours and he doesn't even do that for me!haha don't ya love those last cook-outs!! how fun!!!