November 28, 2008

A Conversation With Chase

We just happened to have this conversation on the ride home tonight, but it's typical of most of our conversations in which it's like pulling teeth to get Chase to tell you he loves you instead of endlessly teasing. He loves to tease....especially when it comes to his Dad.  I actually cut down on the number of "meanies" and "puppies"!

Me:  "I love you, Chase."

Chase: "Meanie."

Me: "I love you, Chase."

Chase: "Meanie, meanie."

Me:  "I love you, you say, I love you Mom."

Chase "Meanie."

Me:  "Say, I love you Mom."

Chase:  "Meanie."

Me:  "You little punk.  Say I love you Mom."

Chase:  "I luuuu.................MOM!"

Me:  "Yay! You're such a good boy.  I love you too. Who else do you love?"

Chase:  "Papa."

Me:  "Who else?"

Chase:  "Gram."

Me: "Who else?"

Chase:  "Hay-dee." (Hayes)

Me:  "What about Dad?"

Chase:  "Puppy."

Me:  "Don't you love Dad?"

Chase:  "Puppy" (he laughs) "Puppy, puppy!"

Me: "Daddy!"

Chase: "Puppy, puppy."

Me:  "Daddy!"

Chase:  (he finally gives in) "Dad.....daddy, daddy."

Me:  "You love Dad?"

Chase:  "I luuuuu................DAD!"

Me:  "Thanks for that unsolicited love, Chase.  We can always count on you."

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That's a wink if you couldn't tell! 

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Marcie said...

what a little twerp! He's lucky he's so darn cute.