November 6, 2008

But with joy, wend your way

I forgot that I had wanted to post something President Monson said in his conference talk that had really stayed with me.  Then at YW's training meeting Tuesday night, Laurette gave us a copy of the talk as one of the handouts.  It was his talk, "Finding Joy in the Journey".  I enjoyed the whole talk, but towards the end he said, "I pray that all of us will REFLECT GRATITUDE."  He didn't just say, have gratitude.  I think reflecting gratitude is a whole bigger idea. To me it means it isn't enough to be grateful (although this is a big step), but we need to manifest it in our attitudes and relationships.  I thought this was a great concept.

Then on another handout she gave, Elaine Dalton quoted the words from the hymn, Come, Come Ye Saints.

Come, come ye Saints,

No toil nor labor fear;

But with joy wend you way.

Though I've sung this song a hundred times, these words really jumped out at me:

But with joy, wend your way!

So I'm going to work on really reflecting the gratitude I feel, by wending my way with joy.  I'm big on mind over matter; I really do think we can decide to be happy. It looks like it's time to repaint the sign above my oven.  (I have changed it a couple of times when I find a quote or saying or scripture that really hits home with me and is something that I'd like to work on)....or, I may just print it on a white sheet of paper and put it on the fridge...this one is more likely, due to the unlikeliness (I realize this is not really a word) of me actually getting around to repainting the sign. :) :) :)


Tracey said...

I LOVED that talk!

Michelle said...

ok still learning about the blogging so don't know if you got my response so I decided to just add one to yours. Yes add us to your friend list and if you would like to know my maiden name to list it it is Johnson!!!!:) LOL seriously it is . . Love your blog

Lopeman CEO said...

I'm thankful for your post. It's all about your outlook in life. Mine attitude/outlook needed a little fine tuning. Thanks for the pick me up.

I love your posts on "your story". It's cute! I need to do it before I forget. Besides it helps to remember how and why you fell in love. I don't know about you, but sometimes life and marriage gets to a point where you need to remember why you love each other. Good stuff.