August 13, 2010

Can you guess who’s in the swing?


I’m leaving this picture purposefully small to see if you can tell what I found in the swing the other day.


Scroll down to see if you were right.









None other than Chase’s half-eaten corn cob.  Hope it had a comfy nap! :) If we (moms) wrote down all the crazy things we found in unexpected places, we could fill volumes I’m sure.  100_9108

Rock n Roll Baby

It’s 10:30 at night.  The house is quiet.  The boys are asleep in their room and Allie is asleep in the swing.  She’ll probably sleep until at least 5am.  Spence and I are getting ready for bed.  I’m about to hop into bed when Spence says, “Don’t you need to feed the baby?”  “No,” I reply.  “She’ll probably sleep until morning.”  “Well just go get her so I can play with her for a little while and then you can feed her.” “I really don’t need to feed her, Spence, and when we wake her up like this she usually wakes up an extra time in the night.” “Come on, just go get her.” And of course I go get her.  This is typical.  So Spence takes her and wakes her up and plays with her…but I can’t complain because I love this time with her when I’m not rushing around trying to clean or fix dinner or run errands or help Chase….well, you get the picture. (Can you tell it’s been eight years since we’ve had a baby?)  We just sit in bed with her and look at her and smile at her and tickle her and bug her.  We look at her fat rolls and stroke her limbs and hands and feet.  She gives us sleepy grins and stretches a lot.  We dote on her and love on her and talk about how cute she is and how fast she is growing.  Then suddenly, Spence turns off his light, rolls over and goes to sleep; leaving me to feed and diaper the baby alone in the dark.  That punk. 

Here’s how Spence woke her up last night.  She was not happy at first.


Then she fell right back asleep to the magic of rock n roll. :)


August 7, 2010

First Day of School

OK…I know all of you moms in SJ are wondering what in the world I’m talking about since school doesn’t start for another week.  But on a marathon trip to Flagstaff yesterday, my mom and I picked up some school clothes for Chase.  After his bath today I tried on his first day outfit to see if it fit him.  I decided to take his picture since who knows what kind of day we’ll have on the first day of school and may not end up with any good pictures…so here it is in advance.  If we actually do get some on the first day, I’ll post those too! :)

This kid can melt your heart.


I don’t think he was waving, but it kind of looks like it. I can’t believe he’s eight years old and going to third grade.


August 4, 2010

A little rain changes everything

Yes, this is going to be a post with a bunch of pictures of grass.  We’re ranchers O.K.  Everything depends upon the grass.  My mom and dad-in-law are in a mission in England, and they have been fasting and praying right along with us for rain, so they need to see pictures of the fruits of their labors.  So bear with me…these are for you Mom and Dad.  We are so grateful for every drop of rain.

Galleta Grass and Russian Thistle aka Tumbleweed growing just on top of the ridge at the Potato Farm (Hall Ranch)


Looking through the gate from inside the bull pasture.


Driving towards the White Corrals.


Down the bull pasture fence.


Spence went to check on some sneaky bulls while I took pictures.


Road to Mud Springs.


Hurry up and get in, Kellie.  Miles to go before we sleep. :)


View back to the Canyon Pasture and Oscar Tank.  Start of Big Hollow.


How much did that hat cost, cowboy? I have to admit, it does look good! :)


Looking out over Big Hollow from the big green tank that doesn’t have an official name.


Back to White Corrals and TEP in the distance.


Allie and I pose for a picture.


Mud Springs Pasture near White Corrals.


An old bull who escaped capture and a trip to the market.


Hope you enjoyed the pics Grandma and Papa….WE LOVE YOU! (PS…none of these pictures are “photoshopped”; it really is this green!)

August 3, 2010

Balancing Baby

Doesn’t look like the safest place for a baby does it.  There is a little dip in the couch right in that spot and she fit perfectly.  I think she would roll right off now.  It was fun while it lasted.  Love that there are spilled potatoes all over the floor in the background.  Would someone please pick those up. (Chase just came in and the first thing he noticed in the picture was the potatoes…that’s because he’s the one who did it…surprise, surprise.)


Pioneer Days

I meant to take a bunch of pictures this 24th, but like usual, it was just too difficult (difficult for someone with a mind like a sieve) for me to remember.  But I did get a few.

My brother Matt, his wife Gina, their little boy Nolan, Gina’s sister Mandy and daughter Brianna, and a cousin named Aaron came for the celebration. 

Gina with the nephews.




Hayes is always a big hit with the babies.


“The Band!”  Nice look.


Spence, Andrew Madrid, and BJ Greer.




Tyler and Hayes.


Performing…I only caught them from behind.


(left to right: Brianna, Mandy, Gina, Aaron…misc. Platts behind)


We put Spence’s wig to good use after the parade.


So attractive, the mullet.



This is what Allie did during most of the celebration.


This is for you Papa and Grandma Platt!

Spence and I have been trying to get out on the ranch to take some pictures now that it has rained, but every time we are about to go, it starts raining.  Now, if you know Spence at all, you’ll know that he hates driving on our roads when they are muddy because it really tears them up.  He’s really quite insane about it.  Really.  So today when it started raining right as we were about to leave, I took some pictures at the house…we’ll try for ranch ones tomorrow.


Hayes decided to do his rain dance IN the rain.


You can’t tell by the picture, but Hayes is out running around in the pouring rain.


Time to catch his breath.


We’ll take all the rain we can get…bring it on!



Maren took this picture for us in the hospital.  Allie Marie Platt.  5 lbs, 13 oz.  19 inches long.  Born 12:56am, May 20, 2010. 


August 2, 2010

Finally a Big Bro

Chase gets up first thing in the morning, finds Allie Ree, and sticks both hands out to me telling me that it is now time for him to hold her.  Usually I’m feeding her, so he settles for kissing her her multiple times with nice slobbery kisses. (his kissing has actually gotten much less slobbery and much softer…no more pressing his teeth into you when he kisses)  The funny thing is is that she loves it.  (Most) every time he kisses her, I expect her to cry and instead she smiles adoringly at her big brother, Chase.  I swear they knew each other before. :) 

Whenever I find food in Allie’s hair, I know it’s from Chase’s kisses!


Pretty proud!


Chase is in tune with his baby sis because when she wakes up in the night to eat, he wakes up and comes in and hangs out.  I have no idea how he knows I am in the living room feeding her….must be a sixth sense. 


This is the only time Chase will actually look at the camera and smile for me.