August 2, 2010

Finally a Big Bro

Chase gets up first thing in the morning, finds Allie Ree, and sticks both hands out to me telling me that it is now time for him to hold her.  Usually I’m feeding her, so he settles for kissing her her multiple times with nice slobbery kisses. (his kissing has actually gotten much less slobbery and much softer…no more pressing his teeth into you when he kisses)  The funny thing is is that she loves it.  (Most) every time he kisses her, I expect her to cry and instead she smiles adoringly at her big brother, Chase.  I swear they knew each other before. :) 

Whenever I find food in Allie’s hair, I know it’s from Chase’s kisses!


Pretty proud!


Chase is in tune with his baby sis because when she wakes up in the night to eat, he wakes up and comes in and hangs out.  I have no idea how he knows I am in the living room feeding her….must be a sixth sense. 


This is the only time Chase will actually look at the camera and smile for me.



Marcie said...

Chase sure is getting more and more grown-up-and so dang handsome. It sounds like he is really finding his niche with the big brother thing.

tricia said...

It is always the biggest treat for me to go to your blog and find new pictures. I can't believe the change in Allie Ree. Something about the way Chase has his arms around her just touches my heart. He's holding on for dear life.

Katie and Howard said...

That brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet big brother Chase is!

maren sundahl said...

Those pictures are adorable, Kel! That is so sweet that he comes in in the morning wanting to hold her.

Kristen said...

Allie is getting so chubby--I really shouldn't look at these pictures. So funny that Chase gets up with you--at least you have someone to keep you company:)