August 7, 2010

First Day of School

OK…I know all of you moms in SJ are wondering what in the world I’m talking about since school doesn’t start for another week.  But on a marathon trip to Flagstaff yesterday, my mom and I picked up some school clothes for Chase.  After his bath today I tried on his first day outfit to see if it fit him.  I decided to take his picture since who knows what kind of day we’ll have on the first day of school and may not end up with any good pictures…so here it is in advance.  If we actually do get some on the first day, I’ll post those too! :)

This kid can melt your heart.


I don’t think he was waving, but it kind of looks like it. I can’t believe he’s eight years old and going to third grade.



Marcie said...

Hope he's that excited next Monday! Lauren says he looks so dang cute.

tricia said...

That is one cute kid. I just look at him and my heart melts. He looks good in that shirt!

becky said...

he is SO stinkin cute!!!

tricia said...

one handsome boy!