August 4, 2010

A little rain changes everything

Yes, this is going to be a post with a bunch of pictures of grass.  We’re ranchers O.K.  Everything depends upon the grass.  My mom and dad-in-law are in a mission in England, and they have been fasting and praying right along with us for rain, so they need to see pictures of the fruits of their labors.  So bear with me…these are for you Mom and Dad.  We are so grateful for every drop of rain.

Galleta Grass and Russian Thistle aka Tumbleweed growing just on top of the ridge at the Potato Farm (Hall Ranch)


Looking through the gate from inside the bull pasture.


Driving towards the White Corrals.


Down the bull pasture fence.


Spence went to check on some sneaky bulls while I took pictures.


Road to Mud Springs.


Hurry up and get in, Kellie.  Miles to go before we sleep. :)


View back to the Canyon Pasture and Oscar Tank.  Start of Big Hollow.


How much did that hat cost, cowboy? I have to admit, it does look good! :)


Looking out over Big Hollow from the big green tank that doesn’t have an official name.


Back to White Corrals and TEP in the distance.


Allie and I pose for a picture.


Mud Springs Pasture near White Corrals.


An old bull who escaped capture and a trip to the market.


Hope you enjoyed the pics Grandma and Papa….WE LOVE YOU! (PS…none of these pictures are “photoshopped”; it really is this green!)


Michelle Ashton said...

Kellie.... You are a great photographer! Love the pictures.

Dayna said...
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Dayna said...

Great pictures!!! Hard to believe it can be this green. My parents' ranch (just across the state line from ya'll) has missed a lot of the rain so they don't look this good. But down here in Silver City it's gorgeously green!!

Jaime said...

Awesome pics Kellie, they could be in a calendar!

Marcie said...

Great pictures-but I still think the one of you and Alli is the best.

tricia said...

Oh wow! It is beautiful. How wonderful it is to see the land look healthy. You know all those seeds are in the ground just waiting for a rain to come. I love every one of your pictures. (Especially you and the baby) Thanks so much for taking these. It makes us homesick for more than just the land.

maren sundahl said...

Those look great, Kel. I feel like taking a drive up top right now!

HP said...

Looks beautiful--maybe I need to go away more often. Contrasting this to last year and the summer which never was, I'm reminded of what Rob Patterson once told me about ranching in this part of the world: "This country will never quite let you down."


JC and Jen Young said...

Isn't the green such a nice change! i am loving it the grass here is thigh high in some places. I love the picture of you and Ree!!!