August 13, 2010

Rock n Roll Baby

It’s 10:30 at night.  The house is quiet.  The boys are asleep in their room and Allie is asleep in the swing.  She’ll probably sleep until at least 5am.  Spence and I are getting ready for bed.  I’m about to hop into bed when Spence says, “Don’t you need to feed the baby?”  “No,” I reply.  “She’ll probably sleep until morning.”  “Well just go get her so I can play with her for a little while and then you can feed her.” “I really don’t need to feed her, Spence, and when we wake her up like this she usually wakes up an extra time in the night.” “Come on, just go get her.” And of course I go get her.  This is typical.  So Spence takes her and wakes her up and plays with her…but I can’t complain because I love this time with her when I’m not rushing around trying to clean or fix dinner or run errands or help Chase….well, you get the picture. (Can you tell it’s been eight years since we’ve had a baby?)  We just sit in bed with her and look at her and smile at her and tickle her and bug her.  We look at her fat rolls and stroke her limbs and hands and feet.  She gives us sleepy grins and stretches a lot.  We dote on her and love on her and talk about how cute she is and how fast she is growing.  Then suddenly, Spence turns off his light, rolls over and goes to sleep; leaving me to feed and diaper the baby alone in the dark.  That punk. 

Here’s how Spence woke her up last night.  She was not happy at first.


Then she fell right back asleep to the magic of rock n roll. :)



JC and Jen Young said...

I want to squeeze her, She is so cute I can't stand it I wish i still lived there!

tricia said...

Yes, it sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying this baby. Who wouldn't? The punk needs to diaper and rock back to sleep, me thinks.

Kristen said...

She is so cute! I can't blame you:)