August 3, 2010

This is for you Papa and Grandma Platt!

Spence and I have been trying to get out on the ranch to take some pictures now that it has rained, but every time we are about to go, it starts raining.  Now, if you know Spence at all, you’ll know that he hates driving on our roads when they are muddy because it really tears them up.  He’s really quite insane about it.  Really.  So today when it started raining right as we were about to leave, I took some pictures at the house…we’ll try for ranch ones tomorrow.


Hayes decided to do his rain dance IN the rain.


You can’t tell by the picture, but Hayes is out running around in the pouring rain.


Time to catch his breath.


We’ll take all the rain we can get…bring it on!


1 comment:

tricia said...

One of those, "Gotta go for a ride and see where it's raining" moments! Nothing like the monsoons in Arizona!