November 23, 2009

I Never Get Sick of Skies Like This…With Horse Impressions to Follow!

Every once in a while I have to do an “I Love You Arizona” post because I truly enjoy the lazy clouds in a wide open sky.  I don’t know if I could ever leave the West. I could trade the wind and lack of rain for light breezes and more monsoons, but I’m an Arizonan through and through.


There were some new calves in the pen that day and Chase went in for a closer look.  I think the calf’s idea of close was a little closer than Chase expected.  Right after I took this shot of the calf “nuzzling” Chase, it gave him a good head-butt right to the stomach and knocked him to the ground.  Luckily Chase is very durable… I think he has calluses on his behind! (I love the look on his face…I think he knows what is coming)


Checking on the baby horses.


Can you guess what he’s looking at?


Just a friendly little tarantula Spence and the guys found while running the calves through the chute.  No I didn’t pick it up. Neither did any of them.


Chase loves JC’s dog Bailey.  She always gives him a big kiss through the bars of the horse trailer.


Now it’s Spence doing the the kissing…is he kissing at the cows?  Maybe the dogs…I think I’ve actually seen him do that. :) Can you say sunburned lips?!?


I had to save this one for last.  The first time I looked at these pics, I dismissed this one as one to delete.  Upon further inspection and my memory coming back to me, I realized Chase was doing a wonderful impression of the horse behind him.  Sorry about all of the spit. 


That’s all folks!

Daddy’s little helper

Who’s under that cowboy hat in front of Spence? 


Oh, it’s just Chase trying to jerk the wheel out of his dad’s hands.


Now he’s got the hang of it. He’s driving all by himself….almost! (Are those crazy long sideburns hanging out of his hat?)


Driving the tractor puts a grin from ear to ear on Chase’s face. He likes to feel the power!


If you don’t believe me about the “ear to ear”, here’s a close-up.


November 19, 2009

It’s Official!

We went to the doctor this week and heard the baby’s heartbeat…so now I’m “officially” announcing that were having a baby!  :)  Spence was supposed to wait until now….but his excitement overcame him  and he just had to tell. (if you’re a friend of his on Facebook, you’ve known for a while now)  I’ll forgive him since everything’s OK with the baby. 

The baby is due May 26th, five days after Chase turns eight (our youngest :).  What a gap!  We’re excited…it’s like a whole new experience after so long.  It’s been fun to see how excited Hayes is.  He came with us to the doctor’s to hear the heartbeat.  He’s hoping for another brother of course.  He was hoping that somehow we could work out an older brother while we were at it, but I don’t think that’s going to happen! :)

Stick ‘em up!

Probably due to that fact that I was DEAD TIRED from being pregnant (I had forgotten how tired it makes you) I was a little lacking in the creativity department when it came to costumes for Halloween this year.  I had settled on ghosts and even found some great material in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart, but Spence and the boys had other plans.  Spence thought it would be easy to make them stagecoach robbers from the Wild West…and he was right.  The boys were more excited about being robbers than ghosts; so robbers it was!  (but they WILL be ghosts next year seeing how I have the material all ready to go!) My boys do make great cowboys!!!

Thank you, Spence, for the custom mustaches!


Lookin’ down the barrel of his shotgun, Hayes “dead eye” Platt


With the fastest hands in the West, Chase “quick draw” Platt.


A post from HERMAN

I recently received this mysterious message in my inbox: 

Dear Kellie….

This is your blog speaking. I really miss you. Remember all the fun times we had together? I know you haven't been feeling well but I've heard people really miss us. I'm just not the same without you.
Please come back soon,

Herman (you didn't know I had a name did you)

Well I guess that was the kick in the pants I needed to get back on track with my blogging.  In my defense, we got a new computer and it took forever to get the right software so I could get my photos back and I lost my favorite blogging tool, Windows Live Writer; but with Herman’s prompting, I went online and re-downloaded it and to my utter delight, all of my old blog stuff was there and they had updated it with some cool, new tools! YAY!  So Herman and I are back in the biz!

By the way, after some ingenious detective work on my part, I was able to track down the sender of this mysterious email. (I just looked at the address marked SENDER :)  Thanks Cort!