November 23, 2009

Daddy’s little helper

Who’s under that cowboy hat in front of Spence? 


Oh, it’s just Chase trying to jerk the wheel out of his dad’s hands.


Now he’s got the hang of it. He’s driving all by himself….almost! (Are those crazy long sideburns hanging out of his hat?)


Driving the tractor puts a grin from ear to ear on Chase’s face. He likes to feel the power!


If you don’t believe me about the “ear to ear”, here’s a close-up.



Marcie said...

What a fun time for Chase! I'm so glad Spence is willing to let him help out. I'm not sure if Ryan would have the patients. My kids just know to get the heck out of the way (and never repeat what he is screaming as he gets mad!)

Cortney said...

I love that grin! It's good to see Lucy and Rosco (dogs) still kicking around too!

JC and Jen Young said...

I love that last picture of Chase, that is Codys favorite thing to do too. Last night he was pretending to be feeding the cows with the tractor.

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