July 25, 2010

Wardrobe Malfunction

After the campfire circle, the kids and I went to hear Spence and his band practice for a minute.  It was late and the baby stayed asleep in the car.  On the way home I asked Hayes to check on her and to see if she was still asleep and he laughed and assured me that she was (he noticed the “malfunction”).  When I got her into the house and into the light, this is what I found.  Hayes said it had been that way the whole time. 





Marcie said...

That just may be the secret to keeping babies asleep for longer periods of time!

JC and Jen Young said...

Ha I remember dirving in the car with my girls and they would be screaming because of the same thing. I took me a while to figure out to pull them off before i put them in the car! She is such a dolly!

Kristen said...

Would that trick work for me? She is getting so cute. Jane wants to see her every day. I love all the pics of the surprise baby and branding:)