July 13, 2010

Growing Fast

Sorry, I don’t have time for more than a quick post…the laundry is calling my name…ok…screaming my name.  I snapped this pic while Allie was in the front pack (Kris, I hope you know that Maren let me borrow it…THANK YOU THANK YOU).  She loves this thing.  I wondered if two weeks old was too young to start putting her it, but it has been a life saver.  She usually hangs out in it a while then conks into a deep sleep.  This one of Kristen’s by Baby Bjorn is ten times better than the cheap one I had with Hayes (I didn’t even bother using it with Chase; it was that bad) The BB one doesn’t hurt your back and best of all, is actually easy to get your baby into and out of.  Allie Ree will be two months old in a week!



Michelle Ashton said...

I love all her hair! She is a a doll! Makes me miss those days of yummy baby smell when they are all fresh and clean.

Marcie said...

She is looking so big. Love those blue eyes!

Rachel said...

How old is your baby? I was shocked you had her already. She sure is beautiful! So much hair!