June 25, 2010

The improper way to use a car seat

Could someone please buckle that child in.


Spence swears he doesn’t know how she got that way.


How many kids can sleep in their car seats sideward?



Cortney said...

Yeah! I love all the posts Kel. Looks like you already have 3 crazy sleepers.

tricia said...

I'm so happy you're posting again. I love the pictures and the girl.

Marcie said...

Man, when you decide to get in the blogging game again you really outdo yourself!

In those pictures, Allie looks a lot like you. I think it is her lips.

Norris Family said...

Well one, thank goodness the car seat wasnt actually in the car and on a trip somewhere. Two, what a picture perfect moment though. And three, she is adorable, congratulations. I havent been to SJ in so long I didnt even know you finall had your little girl.

becky said...

she's precious!! congrats!!!

Annie said...

So stinkin cute!