June 25, 2010

Cutting Horses and Buggies (stroller:)

I bought me a double jogging stroller so I would be able to go places with both Chase and Allie.  Chase is too big for a jogging stroller of course, but I bought one that would at least keep his dangling legs from going into the front wheel.  I got it a few weeks before I had the baby and had been taking Chase in it by himself….afraid that he would smash Allie or elbow her in the face.  Around her one month birthday, I decided to venture out with both of them…and kept my fingers crossed.  Just like with everything else to do with the baby and Chase, things went better than I expected.  He stayed on his side fairly well, didn’t elbow her too much, and didn’t even squirt her with his squirt bottle.  This is them on our second outing together.  There was a little more “smooshing” of the baby, but nothing too damaging.  I would say so far so good and we actually got out and got some exercise and watched Spence work his horses down at the round pen. 

The giant baby and the baby.


I promise that’s water and not Spic n Span in his squirt bottle.


Oblivious to the heat, wind, and elbow abuse….what a good baby!


Spence has become quite the cutting horse trainer.  He looks good in purple…too bad he shaved that crazy facial hair (not a fan of the mustache).


Just plug your children’s ears because the language aimed at the cows (and the dogs who sneak into the pen) gets a little colorful.


Spanky making a quick move.


Holding the cow. 


Time to go since the whole walk home is into the wind and it has now picked up to about 30mph…yuck!

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tricia said...

Wow, you look professional. How is your horse performing?