June 25, 2010

Catching Up

I’ve been a horrible blogger since I got to about my 6th month of pregnancy…I guess I was too busy eating and resting my feet!! :)  But since my little sis is threatening me and my poor Platt parents have no other way to keep track of us, I’m going to make it a priority again…or at least try.  Here’s a couple of shots I took of Allie Marie today.  She is a month old now and growing fast.   While I was taking these pics of her sleeping. she was kind of in and out of “consciousness” and was making this funny little sound like big bird “eh eh eh eh eh”.  Hayes’s favorite sound she makes in when her pacifier is in her mouth and she sucks it in an out and goes “rehr rehr rehr rehr”.  (I’m sure you can all decode my depictions of the sounds and know exactly what I’m talking about!!!  Maybe I’ll have to try to get it on video :)

Snoozin’ in the swing.


Gotta live the spit bubbles! Spence has been asking me about the red mark beneath her nose since she was born so I finally asked the doctor.  He said it’s just a little birth mark or stork bite that will fade with time. 


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tricia said...

You made our day. These pictures are wonderful. Chases expressions crack me up. Sweet baby.