November 21, 2008

I love this kid! (finally getting a gratitude post done Marcie!)

The saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is so true.  Even if it's just overnight.  Grandma Trish had Chase spend the night last night.  He hasn't been sleeping well since we changed his seizure medicine and an uninterrupted night of sleep was blissful for Spence and I. Chase has also been extremely jealous of the two home-schooling cousins who get to go to Grandma's house every Tues and Thurs for school.  He cried and cried yesterday when we dropped Hayes off at Grandma's and then proceeded on to the school to drop him off.  "Gram, gram" he cried over and over.  So it was perfect timing when Trish called to have him come over. 

When she brought him back this morning, he looked so cute in his little sweatsuit that I just had to grab the camera for a few shots.

11 21 08_3062_edited-1  


11 21 08_3063_edited-2

He found a dead bird on the lawn (thank you cats) and was showing it to me.  He's telling me about its beak.

11 21 08_3058

He still BARELY fits on the big wheel.  He's saying vroom vroom.

11 21 08_3071

Today I'm grateful for my boy Chase.

11 20 08_3019 copy

Spence and his boys when we lived at Campus Heights at NAU. Now THAT was an experience!  Talk about NO sleep. I think all of these old pictures were taken in Flagstaff when Chase was about 6-8 months old. We used to call him Yoda because of his ears.  Affectionately of course. :)11-21-2008-13-02-42-877_edited-6




When Chase was about three months old, we started noticing these little funny jerks he'd do with his arms.  His eyes would also flick up to the sky and then back quickly that you might not even notice.  But Spence and I thought it was strange, so we took him into the doctor.  They at first dismissed us, saying it was just reflexes, but as they continued and started developing into more significant "jerks" of his limbs, we got a referral to a neurologist and took him in for testing.  I found this journal entry the other day when I was cleaning out some papers.  I can't even remember writing it.

"On Friday (4/25/09) we took Chase to Dr. Kaplan, the head of Pediatric Neurology at Phoenix Christians.  He diagnosed him with benign myoclonic/akinetic seizures.  He had an EEG that same day and the results came back normal.  Thank goodness!  Dr. Kaplan thinks Chase will grow out of his little seizures within the next few months.  I'm keeping a journal for the next few weeks to keep track of their frequency and then we'll discuss if we should put Chase on medication or not.  We feel very blessed that he is going to be fine"

It kind of makes me sad to read, but he is ours and we love him.  Do I wish the seizures had gone away and everything would have turned out "fine"?? Of course. I wish he didn't have to struggle.  I wish he could walk and talk like a normal 6-year-old. But this is the life we've been dealt and I really do believe we are blessed in our trials.  You know how you always wish your kids wouldn't grow up so fast.  I've felt lucky with Chase because he hasn't.  I got to have a baby longer and a toddler longer.  He is still a cuddly little boy who shares his love more freely than most six-year-olds. I feel lucky to have that.  There are more blessings that I can name that have come to our family because of Chase. 

Since I started writing "our story", I've thought a lot about how when you're young, you never even consider the possibility that your kids might have problems or the trials that your life may hold for you.  I have a picture on my fridge from Jeanie Mangum's funeral that captures the feeling of what I'm talking about:


(Lon and Jeanie Mangum)

They look so young and innocent and full of promise, with no idea the struggles they will have to endure. I know that with Aaron's disabilities and Jeanie's health problems, as they got older, it took its toll.  My heart goes out to their family and especially to Lon who has cared for both of them for years.  He has truly endured his trials well.

I don't know how I will be when I get old (I may end up with a bad attitude:), but I hope that I can continue to find joy in the journey and appreciate all of moments that make up a life well-lived.  I am grateful for my family.

Some things about Chase:

1. He is full of it.  Full of life and fun.  A true ham and a tease.

2.  He loves strongly and shows affection freely.

3.  He is innocent and pure.06 20 08_1222

4. He loves to make messes.  I would almost say he finds joy in messes.

5.  He loves eggs, broccoli, and milk. He eats all day long.

6.  He loves his brother Hayes. He calls him Hay-dee.

7.  He's stubborn.  There is no bribe in the world that will work if Chase really doesn't want to do something.

8.  His smile can light up a room. He can take more tickling than any other kid I've ever known. He always asks for more.

9.  He has the best eyelashes around.

10.  He loves animals, but has no grasp of the concept "gentle".  His puppy still loves him even though he chokes her constantly.

06 20 08_122311.  He loves to wrestle and rough-house.  He's dangerous with a sword.

12.  He is a cartoon junkie.  Sponge Bob was his favorite for a long time, but he's hooked on Barney now...thank goodness.

13.  He loves holiday decorations....especially Halloween, but I was surprised to see that he is enjoying the Thanksgiving decorations just as much.

14.  He wants everything he sees in a store, but rarely plays with toys....other than swords.

15.  He loves to watch America's Funniest Home Videos, especially the ones involving animals.

16.  He loves his Grandmas and Papas.  He loves his Uncle Trey more than just about anyone.06 20 08_1215

17.  He loves bathroom humor.  All you have to do is say toot or burp and he cracks up.

18.  He loves the outdoors.  He loves to go down to the barn or out on the ranch.

19.  He makes us smile.


Michelle Ashton said...

What a great post. Thanks for sharing. I love this boy to pieces and he makes my day a whole brighter when I see him at the school. I love his "winks" and his "fives"!

Annie said...

You are lucky to have him and he is so lucky to have you!! He is such a sweet boy.

Michelle Ashton said...

that should say a whole LOT brighter. :)

Rachel said...

What a special post! So now what is his prognoses? He is a doll such a good looking boy! BTW did you cut your hair? Or is that an older looks adorable! You are good to find joy in the never know when the trials are really for you! You are awesome!

Missy :o) said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful boy! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I think you are amazing.

Here's a joke for Chase ~ why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?

to get to the 'bottom'! :o) har har

Katie Udall said...

I can't believe you lived in that student housing. We were planning to live in the south campus housing and I just couldn't do it. I felt like I couldn't breath when I thought about living there.
Hailey was excited to see pictures of Chase. You are truly amazing and he seems so happy all the time.

tricia said...

When the scriptures say "become as a little child" I picture Chase. He has no guile, but it's the million dollar smile and beautiful eyes that melt my heart. You and Spencer are wonderful parents. Glad you're all part mine.

Head Honcho

tricia said...

I'm glad you got some sleep:) I know that a good night's rest makes all the difference--the world seems a lot brighter:) Sometimes writing things down really helps you to count your blessings. I loved your list about Chase--his smile is seriously the happiest, most contagious smile I've ever seen. He is a sweet boy and has an amazing mom. His dad's ok too:)

Michelle said...

Chase has such a special spirit about him. He is always smiling when I see him. You and spence are such great parents, and God new you both would be.I just love you guys, you have such a cute family, full of life and love and I admire that about you and spence.

mike and maren said...

We just love that boy to pieces! I'll be excited to be closer in a few months. :)

Steph & the Boyz said...

Again, one more reason I tell you I think you are amazing! You inspire me.

Marcie said...

And #20 for your list (we will add) He gets so excited to see Lauren. It makes us all happy. Love you all. Marcie

Amy said...

I've been thankful to enjoy baby longer with Christie...and I enjoyed reading your post. I relate so well and cried! I know you've more years of experience than I and I am grateful to learn from you! You are amazing and I doubt you'll ever get a bad least not one that stays! You've a beautiful family! luv luv

JC and Jen Young said...

Chase is such a sweet boy. Every time JC sees him he comes home and tells me all about it and how cute he is, and Sadie tells me everyday "I got to see Chase today" We all love that boy!