December 1, 2008

Silver-Tongued Trouble

I've been posting a lot about Chase and figured I'd better give Hayes a little air-time.  I love the poses he did for me.  He's been driving me crazy this past week with his new favorite words:  literally, ironic and continually.  (I was laughing when he would use what I thought was his own variation of the word ironic, "ironical", until I looked it up and found out that it really is a variation of the word ironic) I swear he tries to find situations in which to use these words.  He actually uses them correctly most of the time, but he's been stretching the meaning of literal and irony so that he can use them in every other sentence. I've got to teach him some new vocabulary words so we can put these ones to rest.  To his credit though....he is so good at new vocabulary words.  All he has to do is hear a new word in context, and he is immediately using it correctly in his day-to-day speech.  I wish I was that good at expanding my vocabulary. 

12 01 08_3182

12 01 08_3183

12 01 08_3186


Tiffany said...

He is so cute Kel. He looks much like you did. Hope all is well for you guys. Tell Spence Hello! :)

Hamblins said...

He is getting so big... he doesn't look like a little boy anymore. Isn't that crazy??? We miss you guys!!!

Missy :o) said...

I can't believe how much he looks like you! Lydia caught a glimpse of him on the computer the other day and said, 'hey I know him! That's Hayes!' I think they miss him over there. Sounds like you are continuing to do a great job with his education, literally. Ironic, isn't it? Hey, I tried! :o)

Kristen said...

Chuck said that you and Hayes are twinners. He is definitely too smart for his own good--you've always got to watch your back with that kid:) He keeps us laughing when he is over here. Hope you're having fun in Alaska--I think Courtni should have planned this better and had a summer baby;)

Annie said...

Oh my gosh, he looks like you but is Spence in every other way, look at him posing....totally Spence!!