October 3, 2008


Hayes and I decided a field trip was in order today since it's Friday.  Our first order of business was to stop by the Triangle Pasture and search for my lost cell phone, since I've already torn the house and our vehicles upside-down looking for it.   Well would you believe it, we found it.  Only one small problem.  I must have dropped it when I got out to get the gate for Spence on Monday.  We were driving a 3/4 ton truck with a trailer loaded with three horses.  And of course we ran it over.  Then, I ran it over again in my car on my way in to try to find it.  (Should have looked at the gate first :)  I know because I could see both of our tire tracks in the dirt.  I think it's a goner.

I took a few pictures while we were there.

10 02 08_2627_edited-1

The wildlife was abundant :)

10 02 08_2634

The flowers were blooming :)

10 02 08_2637

And my favorite tree, the Tamarack, was just lovely...not invasive at all :)

I did get one picture of Hayes skipping rocks right before my camera batteries died: (well I did get it to turn on one more time, just long enough to take a picture of some poop! see the previous entry for more info :)

10 02 08_2631

Then we headed off to our real field trip to Lyman Lake.  No pictures though, sorry.  We had a great time.  We parked at the dam and hiked to the spillway.  The water is way too low to spill over, but it was fun anyway.  We're going to try and go again next Friday since Hayes didn't get to explore every nook and cranny that he wanted to.  He'd correct me and tell me to use the word crevice if he was reading this, since he was pointing them all out today.   When we were getting out of the car to start our hike, I told him to get the water.  He replied, "I'll get the water, the snacks, and the fun!" He is fun.


Tracey said...

That looks like so much fun. You can't get a better field trip then exploring nature. Good luck figuring out the poop. Let us know when you find out that it is. Could it be dog?

Quinn and Michelle Ashton said...

That stinks about your phone. Have you gotten a new one? I read this the other day and totally forgot, then I tried to text you today and then remebered this and thought that maybe you didn't get a new phone yet.