October 3, 2008

Is this dropping from a bear???

OK, I hope this doesn't gross anyone out, but Hayes and I were hiking at Lyman Lake today and found this dropping (I found out it's called "scat") near where we parked the car.  I tried to look it up online and couldn't really find anything.  I took a picture to ask my dad, but he's out of town. I'm pretty sure bears eat Cedar/Juniper berries.  If any of you have "outdoors" or "hunter husbands", would you ask them to take a look?  Thanks.  (I think it's been ran over a time or two:)

Feel free to click on the picture to enlarge it to get a really good look!

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Quinn and Michelle Ashton said...

Intersting. I have never seen that.

Not feeling much better. :( ?? Oh well I guess.

On a strange note.. I found a kid walking in the road by El Camino today. He was in his daiper and NOTHING else! He couldn't have been over 2. So sad! The diaper (well pull up) was so loaded with poop and pee that the gel stuff was coming out and poop was ALL over the insides of his legs. :( CRAZY!!

Marcie said...

I know there have been mountain lions out by Lyman. I'll have to ask Ryan about it.

Marcie said...

OK, Ryan says maybe a bear (and I hadn't even told him that was your guess). Or just a coyote. They eat juniper berries.

Annie said...

Looks like barf after eating olives, Yes I have had to clean that up before....thank you James.

Cortney said...

Looks like bear scat to me- I'm always on the look out for it when go hiking since you know I love bears- yikes!

HoneyGirl said...

Spence also says that coyotes eat juniper berries. But he didn't actually take time to look at the picture :( I'll email it to my dad for the final word. He may go with Annie :)