September 29, 2008

Hockey Player in the Making ???

I don't have time to share all of our fabulous vacation photos yet, but I just had to post this shot of Chase looking every bit the part of a hockey player.  He lost his first tooth about a week ago and then got a black eye to match. Pretty rough looking.

09 21 08_2574


09 21 08_2578_edited-1

I had to add this one too since it's so much less hockey player/brawler.  I love that kid's lashes.  Wish he'd gotten them from me.

If you're wondering what that mysterious black silhouette is in the bottom of the photo, it's the new Batman toy from McDonalds. You too can own one for the price of a happy meal and a trip to Phoenix. 


JC and Jen Young said...

He is such a sweet and cute little boy, he is getting so big. I just want to give him a little squeeze!

Ashley said...

You are so sweet. I think that your little Chase is dang handsome. I have met/seen you a while back. I was visiting my sis and we went to the pool and you were there. I was inspired by you and your strength when I saw you helping Chase. Nothing slows you down. You have tons of paitence and I hope to be as paitent as you.

HoneyGirl said...

You should have seen me last night after Chase pooped in the bathtub and then I cleaned and disinfected the tub and put him back in and he did it AGAIN.....not so patient :) However, there is a silver lining. I pulled him out the second time and put him right on the toilet and he went on the potty. Only about the second time he's done's progress...slow, but progress! Spence went around the house whistling and cheering for about five minutes in hopes of reinforcing the good behavior. It was really entertaining. Chase loved it.
(Sorry to any of you who didn't want to read about bowel movements today :) The joys of motherhood :p