September 16, 2008

Tales From Shakespeare

In one of my home-school posts, I mentioned that you could find these tales online for free.  My mom-in-law Trish had a copy of the book and loaned it to me.  Hayes loves it...and so do I! (as a read-aloud) We finished Macbeth the other day and Hayes was asking for more. I do have to explain lots of it, but sometimes I'll go back and read it to him again after the explanation, and he gets it on his own.  As he gets used to to the language, he's understanding more and more on his own. I found it on Amazon for $6.99 with free shipping.  I think it is well worth it.

I was talking about this book with Kristen and she said she had read that Charles and Mary Lamb are brother and sister and that Mary murdered their mother.  Sounds like something out of Shakespeare, right?  I found that there are several books written about her and her brother including Mad Mary Lamb and The Devil Kissed Her: The Story of Mary Lamb.  You can find a list of their works and the works about them here.


Missy :o) said...

That's so cool that you are reading such deep stuff to him! I'm not smart enough to do that ~ to understand it and explain it, too! :o)

Annie said...

I love you music selection list! Some of those songs I haven't heard in a long time.

HoneyGirl said...

The music is a lot of the stuff I grew up listening to (like Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans and I Love a Rainy Night). I couldn't find a lot of the ones I wanted on playlist...I guess people aren't really into 80's country anymore :)
I'll try to find some more since someone besides me is enjoying it!I love it! (Spence thinks they're cheesy...I don't care)

HoneyGirl said...

Oh yeah, and to Missy...It's Shakespeare, but it's made easier for kids. So, you would be able to do it. The language is still just a little too difficult for Hayes, but a lot easier than the real Shakepeare. Perfect for me :)