September 14, 2008

Outdoor Furniture---To have or not to have?

If any of you have dogs or cats or both, you'll know why the decision to have or not to have outdoor furniture is such a serious question.  I have been eyeing the great deals on a couple of sets at Walmart this summer.  They've come out with the Better Homes & Gardens line that has some really nice looking outdoor sofa sets.  But alas, do you buy a nice set just to have your pets destroy the cushions and possibly more?  Remember, I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 (yes we're down to 4 from 6) puppies that have taken over my porch.  My parents bought this porch swing at the beginning of the summer and my kids fell in love with it.  So when it went on clearance a couple of weeks ago, I bought it and jammed it into the stratus and brought it home with high hopes that I could protect it from the animals.  I put it together and decided that until the puppies are gone, we'll just keep the cushions in the house and sit on the canvas.  So far so good.  Amazingly enough, Daisy has stayed off of it (This is the dog who less than a year ago climbed on top of my car and chewed up my XM antennae) The cats get on it a little, but I've got plans for them.  And as for me and the boys.....WE LOVE IT.  It's not as cute as the little green wicker set I really wanted, but we have spent hours just like you see us below, hanging out on our swing.  Maybe someday we can sit on the cushions! :)

09 14 08_2415_edited-1


Marcie said...

It looks cool with the Virginia Creeper in the background. Just wait until Hayes somehow figures out how to launch himself from the swing to the tramp!

JC and Jen Young said...

I love that picture! Hayes looks just like you, lucky kid!