September 14, 2008

Random Happenings

09 09 08_2383

Chase got a haircut....which if you know Chase and haircuts, is a major accomplishment.  My mom and I started it one day and got a bunch of the length off, then Spence finished it up a few days later with the buzzers.  A team effort and no one got hurt this time :)

09 09 08_2386

I thought this was a cute pic of him reading a book and turning the pages by himself with two hands (bilateral movement is good for fine motor coordination)

09 09 08_2388_edited-1

Spence practicing the piano.  (Usually right around the time I'm trying to put the kids to bed)  I had to crop the photo since he was practicing in his underwear :) (Now I know where Hayes gets it from)

09 05 08_2400

A couple of weeks ago, Trish helped Kris and I bottle pickled beets.  Why does it look like Trish is doing all of the work? If you've never tried them; they're the best.

 09 05 08_2392




09 05 08_2394 








Here's the recipe from Farm Journal.

09 05 08_2402

The boys (Britton, Chase and Charlie) cruised the CAT out on the lawn.

09 05 08_2404

Hayes and Parker spun themselves sick on the "toddler" swing.

09 05 08_2399

And they climbed on their favorite toy in the yard...the swamp cooler.  Charlie had a run-in with the corner of a dresser earlier in the week.

09 05 08_2407_edited-1

The Chlarsons came for dinner last weekend.  What a mess of kids and food :) That's the way we like it. (from front to back: Parker, Hayes, Brin, Elise, and Chase) (And Doug on the left)  That reminds me, I saw Norma at the fair.


mike and maren said...

Brin is a Chlarson mini! Looks like a feast. I love that you cropped the picture of Spence. I couldn't stop laughing.

JC and Jen Young said...

Chase looks so grown up in that picture what a handsome boy, I hate giving hair cuts, I am aweful at it and Cody freaks out which reminds me he is due...