September 14, 2008

Apache County Fair

It's the week of the fair.  The weather has been beautiful. I meant to take my camera and get pictures of Hayes and I riding the Inverter, but forgot. Now all I have  to remember the ride is a massive headache.  Hayes, Chase and I also rode the ferris wheel.  Not your average, slow-moving ferris wheel.  It was little and fast and actually made your stomach drop when you came over the top.  The kids were scared at first, but were soon laughing.  I wasn't sure how Chase would react, but he did great. Where was Spence during all of this, you may ask.  Standing with his feet planted firmly on the ground looking up! :)

Hayes got a blue ribbon for the wheat bread he made with Grandma Trish.  He was very proud (somehow he got a blue and Parker got a red out of the same batch they did together :) and has been planning with Grandma for next year. They ran out of prize money, so he'll have to wait for his three dollars.  He took it surprisingly well for a kid who LOVES money.

I think our favorite thing this year was the entertainment.  The junior high kids sang "One Tin Soldier" and it reminded me of  Marcie teaching me that song so I would know it before I reached the grade to sing it.  She taught me all the music songs at night when we were lying in bed.  Hayes loved the high-school singing group from RV until they did a song about kissing and hugging :) On Friday night we sat for about an hour enjoying the mariachi singers.  Unfortunately they didn't play El Paso City which used to be Hayes's favorite to sing in his high, 3-year-old voice.

We ate curly fries and funnel cake. We got the turkey to gobble at us and Hayes got the champion rabbit to eat out of his hand.  Chase's favorite was the pigs.  He talks about them all year long.  Every time we drive by the fairgrounds on the way to my mom's, he points and snorts and I have to tell him there aren't any pigs until the's a long wait when he's doing this in October :)

The only picture I got to remember it all is one that I hope we won't regret ten years down the road.  My kids LOVE tattoos (temporary of course).  So when there was a booth offering airbrushed tattoos for ONLY $10 (yikes), Hayes started making plans. He struck up a deal with me to pay part if he would pay part and got this lovely symbol across his scrawny chest (his favorite place to put tattoos which is fine by me since it's covered up when he wears a shirt....which is at least half of the time...OK, maybe a third of the time)

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JC and Jen Young said...

Our kids had fun too and we ate just as much crap. I love the fair JC says next year we are going to Navajo County's he said it was awesome when they went on Sunday.