September 24, 2010

Life with Ree

Can you tell who my favorite kid is right now??  Just kidding…but I may be going just a tiny bit overboard with the pictures of Ree…I just can’t help myself!

Funny face


Bathing beauty.


I trapped a mouse in my dishcloth drawer.  Chase wanted to kiss it (it was dead).  When I wouldn’t let him do that, he got out the flyswatter to swat it.


What can I say?  More Allie Ree


She’s the one who pose for me without putting up a fight.


Not too happy about sharing the limelight with Hayes?


Ahh… that’s better.


Chase casually reading a magazine with his head pouring blood.


This wasn’t the best shot of us girls, but I had to laugh when I spotted Chase in the background.  Love that little devil.


Ree has been spending a lot of time on the porch in the bumbo while we try to get our lawn planted.  She’s been a trooper.


All girl.  Ree loves to sit in the bathroom while I get ready and watch me and watch her cute little self in the mirror. 



Cortney said...

Kellie- Ree is so beautiful! And what happened to Chase's head?!

JC and Jen Young said...

Great post Kell! They are all growing up and that Ree is too cute for words!

tricia said...

The mouse post and picture of Chase with the fly swatter cracked me up. And as Cortney asked, what did happen to Chase's head?

Marcie said...

Lauren has decided that I should have a baby because Ree is so cute. I told her feel free to move in with you...