September 21, 2010

a conversation with hayes

I had to put this picture because it’s a face I’ve seen Hayes make before. It’s his “What????” face.


hayes is my little reader.  he can read for hours if he is interested.  he prides himself in how fast he can read and constantly asks me to guess which page he is on. today on the ride home from soccer practice he was telling me about a book he is reading.  something about it just made me laugh out loud, so i decided to write it down.  here’s how the conversation went (it doesn’t start out with the book):

Hayes:  Thank goodness they came up with the name teenager.  Adolescent sounds like a criminal.  Something about that word just sounds like a criminal.

Me: It sounds like convalescent to me.

Hayes:  What’s convalescent?

Me:  Someone who is sick and stuck at home.  (even though I just looked it up and that is not quite the correct definition)

Hayes:  Artimus’ (from the book he is reading) mom is sick and she can’t get out of bed.  She thinks that things are crawling all over her.  And he doesn’t have a dad or he’s dead.  It’s kind of nice that his mom is sick because he doesn’t have to go to school anymore.  He gets to just do whatever he wants and wander around with his butler

Me: LOL how random is that?


tricia said...

Wandering around with the butler would be so much fun. Hayes, you crack me up.

tjackson said...

You have a few pictures with that face! I love that boy.