February 23, 2011

Beach Bums

We went to the beach twice while we were in Newport.  It is a steep little walk (especially with Chase) down to the beach, but it is well worth it.  The first time Mike, Maren, and Mike’s sister Susie helped us check out the tidal pools.  There were lots of cool creatures…including GIANT starfish.  Chase’s favorites were the hermit crabs.  We should have brought one home; I had one as a pet as a kid.  Since we’ve been home, I’ve been telling Chase that if he’ll start using the toilet (we are desperate to get him potty trained), I’ll get him one.  But of course it hasn’t worked.  We’ve tried taking away the TV.  Chase loves TV, but if it comes down to getting potty trained or watching TV, he'll give up the TV any day.  Lately, Spence has been telling him he won’t have to go to school if he’ll just go in the toilet once…still no success.  Yes…only Spence would tell Chase he can skip school if he uses the potty.  I wonder what they would think at school if they knew??  We’ve got to get a new plan since apparently Chase is immune to bribery.

Uncle Mike made sure Chase was able to have a wonderful time at the tidal pools.

02 05 11_0986

Hayes has a wonderful time everywhere he goes :)

02 05 11_0983

Susie helping Chase squish water out of anemones

02 05 11_0994

Lucy was a little bit afraid of the crabs but bravely held one

02 05 11_1002

It was a little too rocky and dangerous to get Chase out to the starfish, so Mike brought one to him…..shhhhh…you’re not supposed to move them. Thanks Mike.

02 05 11_0976_edited-1

They are rock hard on the top and made of squishy suction cups on the underside.  Susie and Mike swear you can attach them to a hairy chest.

02 05 11_0977

The California crew. Hayes had sand in his nose.

02 05 11_1009_edited-1

Mike and Hayes participating in Man Games.

02 05 11_1006

The sand on the other side was not forgiving to Hayes’s ankles.

02 05 11_1007


tricia said...

Looks like so much fun. If Chase isn't motivated by getting to skip school and watch t.v., it sounds like you're sunk! Issue a call for help on a CP site.

maren sundahl said...

That was so much fun. Too bad our trips didn't overlap more!