February 21, 2011

The Disneyland Face

Look at Chase’s face in these pictures and tell me if you think he liked Disneyland or not:

Sitting in Mickey Mouse’s chair

02 10 11_0719

Lovin on Donald

02 10 11_0702

This looks like he’s sitting my an enormous ash tray…I think it’s in California Adventure.

02 07 11_0834

Snagged by Pluto

02 07 11_0882

After the Buzz Lightyear ride…which he loved!

02 07 11_0898_edited-1

02 07 11_0900_edited-1

First day before we ever entered the park….just the anticipation is making him grin ear to ear

02 06 11_0901

Driving Mickey’s car…what a joy!

02 10 11_0720

Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth for one little boy


Marcie said...

That's my kind of boy!

Kristen said...

That is so cute! You've gotta love that huge smile. And I love the shots of Ree at the door. I can't believe she can stand up.

maren sundahl said...

I bet it was so fun getting to watch Chase get so excited. I swear I'm still that way when I go...you can't ever be too old to have fun at Disneyland, right? :) Those pictures are too cute.