February 15, 2011

Sorry Grandma and Papa

I’ve been seriously neglectful on the blogging front, but I’m here to mend my ways.  We recently took a trip to California that included Disneyland, Sea World, and the beach and I have lots of pictures, but not quite the time yet to post them.  So to try to tide our missionary grandparents over until I can get them posted, I snapped these pictures of Ree yesterday.  She is changing so much right now.  Spence and I say to each other every single day that we wish we could just freeze time.

She’s feeding herself finger food now, so she doesn’t stay nearly as clean as she used to.  It happens to every baby.  They turn into grubby little things with snotty noses.  I need to go out to the shed and find my bibs.

  02 14 11_1143_edited-2

02 14 11_1144_edited-2

02 14 11_1147_edited-1


maren sundahl said...

Little sun-tanned baby! She is so cute. Her face is so expressive. I am seeing some of your parents in her in the last photo. I'm not sure what it is, but I see both Terry and Bruce.

tricia said...

What a smile! I can't wait to meet this little girl!