February 21, 2011

Must Love Dogs

So I never saw the movie, but it definitely applies to Ree.  Her newest thing is to stand at the screen door and watch and wave to the dogs.  She also waves at the chickens in the backyard whenever I hold her up to the kitchen window.  Another animal lover on my hands.  I’m doomed to a life of chicken poop, dogs on the porch, and cats on the roof.  (If the owls will stay away)

She reminds me of those old “open, open, open” Mervyns' commercials.

02 17 11_1157
She can barely see out of the door

02 17 11_1150

The dogs are happy with any attention and are possibly hoping she’s old enough to throw out food.

02 17 11_1160

02 17 11_1155

02 17 11_1173

02 17 11_1175

I better clean that ledge if she’s going to put her nose on it.  She might sniff up a bug or two.

02 17 11_1179

02 17 11_1190

Same time, same place tomorrow dogs.  Be there or be square.

02 17 11_1191

1 comment:

tricia said...

Kellie, your dialogue always makes me laugh. Be there or be square! I can't believe Ree can stand either. They are darling pictures, and animals are a mess, but kids sure love them, don't they?