August 20, 2008

Christmas Came Early to the Platt House

Thank you Grandma & Papa Platt for the early Christmas present.  First thing Saturday morning, Hayes and I were out putting together the trampoline.  (Not an easy thing)  Spence was busy with his farming, so the woman and child decided to tackle it together.  With the exception of a little help from the men to put the springs on, we did it all by ourselves. And we're proud...can you tell?  Hayes was actually a big help.

I am such a good and safety conscientious mother, that I allow Hayes to jump off the roof on to the trampoline.  I also never'll find out more about this below.

08 19 08_2114

Hayes gives a wave, but stops for a moment before jumping...

08 19 08_2118

he has to take time for a quick prayer... (this is where the lying comes in...he made me promise not to take a picture of this)...

08 19 08_2116

he counts to three...

08 19 08_2117

and he's off...

08 19 08_2119

he hits with a bounce and does a front flip...a perfect ten.  (My camera is not fast enough to capture all of took us several takes just to get this much!)

(I have a great video of this but can't figure out how to get it off my camera....if you could help me Kris I'd appreciate it)

And lastly, some underwear shots....

Hayes will kill me if he ever sees this post. Why doesn't someone feed that kid?

08 16 08_2166

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mike and maren said...

I can totally remember the Christmas we got our trampoline - not too long after that, I lost a tooth...and it looks like you're not too far away from that - watch out! :)