August 20, 2008

Cowboys or Farmers?

The guys have been working really hard trying to get the fields below our house ready to plant.  I thought it was fun to get pictures of them as farmers instead of cowboys.  They've put in a lot of long hours and did a really good job.  Here's to you guys!

08 16 08_2174

Proud farmers. Pascual, Trey and Spence.  Check out Trey's leg positions in the four-wheeler shots. (Am I dating myself by calling them 4-wheelers?) Also, for those of you who are familiar with Burma, look closely at Spence's shirt.  Does anyone else still own and wear one of these?  Long live Burma's Brood! (Way to carry on the tradition Spence, Grandma would be proud)

08 16 08_2171

08 16 08_2170

08 16 08_2177

08 19 08_2135

I think they kind of enjoy this.

08 19 08_2132

Yeah....they do.

08 16 08_2180

It's all for you cows.


Kristen said...

The sprinklers look great, but what really impresses me is that tall, green grass! I'm sure anyone from the Midwest would not look at those pictures and think "pretty and green." We Arizonans take what we can get:)

Jill Wright said...

I remember Spence wearing that "Burma's Brood" shirt like 10 years ago. Love it!

cplatt said...

kellie, I've been meaning to tell you for awhile that I love your blog layout! It's so artistic and beautiful. Showed it off to Laura.
Love the picture of the farm with the rain coming in the background, and of course all the ones of those cute farmer boys!

HoneyGirl said...

Jill, he actually has two Burma's Brood shirts and rotates them :) They're pretty thin now. Can you believe he still has them (and wears them fairly often?!?!?!)