August 21, 2008

More Cutting Horses

New stallion standing at the Granja de Papa ranch.

Jokers A Lil Wild (aka JOKER)

I'll update with actual breeding once I consult Spence. I know that he came from Bill Freeman a famous cutting horse trainer who trained Smart Little Lena.  Although I'm not exactly thrilled that Spence spent the moolah on him (let me count the ways I could have spent it...or not spent it) I do think he's a very nice little horse.  I say little because that's what cutting horses are.  I like his temperament (especially for a stud), I think he moves really nice, and I think he's pretty to look at.  I can't believe I'm saying all of this because I don't really care that much about horses, but look what Spence has turned me into.  I like to call myself an "armchair horseman or woman"...whatever... I can certainly talk the talk, but not so much on the walk the walk...if you know what I mean.

08 20 08_2187


08 20 08_2191


08 20 08_2194

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