August 12, 2008


I found a bunch of photos on our old computer and decided to take a walk down memory lane.


Chase got pneumonia when he was almost 2 years old.  He spent 3 or 4 days in the hospital. 


Our doctor is the young "girl" on the right.


A trip to the hospital and a life threatening illness always makes a good photo-op!

enhancedboys with bowls

We we're DYING to get out of the hospital so they let us out if we'd keep Chase on oxygen for a week.


What a trooper.  We changed Chase's seizure medicine around the same time and couldn't believe it when he didn't have a single seizure for the whole 4 days in the hospital.  What a difference that made in his life. 


One day I'll do a post with all of Hayes' cats.  This particular cat is Lucifer the first or second...I can't remember.  What a great name! 


Sunday snooze.


Hayes on Buck.  He looks like he could actually rope something.



This was back when our video camera served as our regular camera too.  Nice and grainy.


Best brothers forever right from the start.


I hate it when your kids grow up.




Disneyland.  We love our little "yoda"!


I can't believe how happy Chase was for how hard his life was back then.


I had to include this pic because it may be my only one of Hayes sucking his thumb.  He used to tell me he'd stop sucking it when he turned 19 so he could go on a mission.  Luckily, a slam in the car door at age 5 did the trick!


Before we moved out to the potato farm, we used to go with Spence to the fairgrounds while he rode his horses.  Hayes "died" after one of his jumps off the bleachers.






I can't remember what this was exactly all about, but this Easter morning tantrum was priceless :)




The Platt Fam goes to Disneyland.  What a great time.  Spence and Chase stayed time we'll drag Spence if we have too.


Hayes and Parks took full advantage of the pool and slide.


Hayes says he was NOT praying.


Day at the beach with the big boys.

christmas mice enhanced

You need cute pictures like these to look at when you can't stand your kids :)

chase smile sepia

Tater Tot

 christmas card 2

Me and the Boys


JC & Jen Young said...

What cute pictures!! I love to look at our old pictures!!

Marcie said...

How cute! I can't believe how much they have grown up. Lauren loves the one of the two boys laying together on the blanket. She said, "Wow, now they just would fight!" Hee Hee.

mike and maren said...

Kellie, I had to shed a few tears. That makes me sad how fast they grow up. What cuties.

head honcho

mike and maren said...

Kellie, I had to shed a few tears. That makes me sad how fast they grow up. What cuties.

head honcho

mike and maren said...

Kellie, I don't know why I post as Maren. She's been on my computer too much.

HoneyGirl said...

It took me a minute to figure out that was you head honcho :) Thanks for helping me do relish the other day. Hope you're having a good time in UT.