August 31, 2008

The Cub Scout

Hayes went to his first cub scout activity last Saturday (we're on the "slow" program---he's been 8 since January).  He loved it.  They made marshmallow guns, shot guns and bow and arrows, and he got his face painted like Jack Sparrow. 

I didn't have a shirt for him, but luckily Tim Udall has the thrift shop save any that get donated.  They only had a long sleeve that would fit his scrawny body, so I was going to cut and hem the sleeves.  Hayes wouldn't let me touch them.  The moment he put it on, he started saluting and using "sir" and "mam".  He was so proud.  He went the the activity Saturday morning at 7:30 am sharp with his long sleeves buttoned snuggly claiming that the 90+ degree weather felt "cool" to him.

08 23 08_2290

Cub scout Jack Sparrow at your service.

08 23 08_2294

Bridger Nielsen came over to my mom's to play afterwards.

08 23 08_2293

Spence relaxing in my parent's back yard. Enjoy it while you can Spence...those sprinklers are calling :) !!!

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